Jewelry By Gemstones

Jewels are the best companions of any woman! They help any woman look more beautiful and attractive than before. That’s true! But have you ever given it a thought that jewelry containing gemstones provides double benefits to its wearer? Wearing gemstones jewelry makes you look stunning and provide various benefits to you. Yes! Regardless of the fact that you are a man or a woman, the very beautiful looking gemstone jewelry can make a whole lot of difference to your mental, physical and emotional well being.
Amazing Powers of Gemstones  The healing crystals or natural gemstones contain amazing powers. Every natural crystal or gemstone has its own unique power and effect. These unique powers are actually healing powers that help you live life in a better way. The enthralling gemstones can help you get rid of depression, combat many diseases, fill you with strength, remove negative energy and heal your body, mind, and soul in various different ways. These gemstones work on the various chakras of your body and bring positive results for you.
Exotic World of Gemstone Jewellery  If you are a firm believer of healing effects and powers of gemstones, you will be glad to know that these gemstones can be worn in form of beautiful jewelry. From delightful pendants to attractive necklaces and from breathtaking rings to astonishingly lovely earrings, you can find pretty gemstones jewelry in almost every form!
Shapes, Cuts & Patterns of Gemstone Jewelry  Gemstone jewelry is not confined to any specific shape or design. It is an amusing fact to know that gemstone jewelry is available in various attractive shapes, cuts, and patterns. Including circular, oval, rectangular, long, square and pear shapes, the gemstones are shaped into beautiful pieces of jewelry. The fancy cabochon shapes, linear faceted shapes, numerous abstract designs, and impactful geometric patterns create a wide range of options for customers around the world. 
Choosing Your Favorite Gemstone Jewellery
Choosing your favorite gemstone jewelry is quite easy and interesting, provided you knock at the right door! Yes! Authentic and esteemed jewelry stores like Gemexi lets you choose the right gemstone which suits your body and requirement. Providing a very helpful astrology service, this store lets you know that which gemstone is right for you. You just have to provide the basic information like your birth date and your problems, difficulties etc and you are being told about the most suitable gemstone for YOU!
Buy Beautiful Gemstone Jewellery Online at Gemexi  From delicate soft hues to satiated vibrant shades, the gemstones jewelry collection at Gemexi offers jewelry with unparalleled beauty. From Malachite, Rainbow Topaz, Sapphire, Peridot, Amber and Abalone to Kyanite, Coral, Citrine, Kunzite and many more, you can find almost every gemstone and its jewelry here. Moreover, you get to wear your gemstone in your favorite form of jewelry including the bracelet, rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and even sets. At Gemexi, the carefully picked gemstones set into beautiful designs and shapes make the gemstone jewelry look terrific, trendy and graceful!.

Explore Jewelry By Astrology

Fashion, style, and elegance all come together at one place when you opt to wear jewelry by astrology! The astrology or the zodiac jewelry looks tremendously chic and classy. While you get to flaunt your unique style with the astrology jewelry, you also get to express your personality traits by wearing such jewelry. Thanks to the ever-growing fashion trends in the jewelry world that now you can wear your zodiac sign in an amazing way! The best advantage of wearing jewelry by astrology is that it compliments every outfit. Moreover, it also makes for a perfect gift option for your loved ones!

The world of jewelry provides fabulous zodiac jewelry for all 12 zodiac signs. So you can pick any zodiac jewelry as per your zodiac sign. Shopping astrology jewelry online is convenient and quick. With exceptional jewelry stores like Gemexi, you can buy authentic jewelry which promises excellent designs along with the essential astrological flair.

The collection of Astrology Jewelry at Gemexi is a perfect blend of inspiration, emotions, and craftsmanship. Enriched with skillful zodiac shapes and set in sterling silver, the zodiac jewelry at Gemexi is available in form of enchanting pendants and necklaces. Helping you realize the power of your specific zodiac sign, this jewelry definitely adds to your glamorous and fashionable factor. Every astrology jewelry piece has been designed with care and love! All you need to do is choose your favorite piece and place an order for the same. The quick, safe and satiating delivery will certainly delight you!

Explore Jewelry By Theme

Themed jewelry is one such form of jewelry wherein a particular theme is followed while creating the jewelry products. Every theme brings its own specific message with it and symbolizes the same. For example – a dragonfly symbolizes transformation while cats symbolize feminine sensuousness and independent spirit. Similarly, there are many other symbols and patterns that symbolize something important and effective. The list for jewelry by theme is quite long. Including horse, cat, peacock, seahorse, dove, crab, dolphin, elephant and yet many more the jewelry by theme can be explored extensively as per your own demand and choice.

Gemexi provides an amazing and extensive range of jewelry by various themes. You just think of a theme and you would be glad to find it here on Gemexi! From chandeliers, bands, Budhha charm, angel, poison box, deltoid leaf, flower, shell, stud and spinner to dangle, chakra, brooch, anaconda snake, heart, lizard, sheep charm, turtle, fish and tree of life, you can find almost every type of themed jewelry in this awesome collection.

The various charms and themes in themed jewelry are just one thing. You simply get double benefits when you find Gemexi themed jewelry augmented with various semi-precious and precious stones. Combined with beautiful stones like Larimar, ammolite, amethyst, garnet, moonstone, topaz, malachite and many more, the themed jewelry at Gemexi simply looks irresistible! Choose from a wide range of themed pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces or pendants. Pick up your favorite themed jewelry and get ready for any sort of occasion.

Explore Jewelry By Brand

From Fashion divas and style fanatics to common women and men, everyone loves following a particular brand when it comes to choosing jewelry. Lavish looking and precious jewelry offered by any reputed brand is coveted for few simple but significant reasons. Any popular brand name simply indicates that it has been successful in providing authentic and high-quality jewelry products to its customers. Imparting topnotch quality and dazzling unique designs, the popular jewelry brands are often sought after by those who actually want to buy jewelry in a genuine, trustworthy and hundred percent satisfactory ways.

Brands like Victorian jewelry, Colors of Joy, Gentlemen Jewellery and many others have been serving the various jewelry needs of their customers since years. Making exceptional jewelry available to the customers at a reasonable price is one of the main features of all top jewelry brands. Top jewelry brands never compromise on either the quality or design of any jewelry piece. That’s the reason why they often have numerous repeat customers who keep visiting for more!

Finding top jewelry brands online under a single umbrella becomes possible with the famous jewelry and gemstone store – Gemexi. Be it Magic of Marcasite, Mystic Jewel Store, The Velvet Box, Sterling Co Jewellery, Floral Fusion, Pastel Art Gallery, Bijoux Royale, Beads of America, Sea and Sky, Jewelry Empire or just any other popular jewelry brand, you get to explore and buy beautiful jewels from these brands at one place called Gemexi! Gemexi is a trusted name for buying excellent quality jewels and gemstones that really make a difference to your life!

Explore Jewelry By Color

Colors convey a lot about our personality, choices, and traits. Choosing jewelry by color means following your own features and taste. Today, the grand world of jewelry is full of rich colors that add immense beauty to your aura. From sophisticated elegant hues to bright and vibrant colors, you find opulent jewelry pieces that win your heart at the very first sight. Depending on your choice and wish, you can choose jewelry in your favorite color.

Every color symbolizes something important and carries a lovely positive message with it. For instance, the rainbow jewelry or the jewelry embellished with multicolored gemstones is believed to bring self-knowledge and liveliness in your life. The rainbow colored jewels also instill confidence in the wearer. Similarly, the elegant looking white color symbolizes power. It is considered a source of light and feminism. The beautiful looking blue color symbolizes sea. Just as looking at the sea bring relaxation to your mind and soul, the blue color helps soothe your mind, body, and soul. The brown colored jewelry purifies the heart and is a symbol for Mother Earth. You can wear lavish black jewelry to achieve a glamorous look while you should opt for green gemstone jewelry if you wish to get a fresh look.

Discover a stunningly beautiful jewelry range at Gemexi where you can explore jewelry by color in an extensive way. Gemexi provides a wide range when it comes to choosing jewelry by color. Including white, red, green, purple, rainbow, blue and many more other colors, you find beautiful jewels in various impactful colors. Colored jewels at Gemexi depict a perfect amalgamation of complimenting gemstones and colors.

Explore Jewelry By Stone Shape

Shape plays a very important role in the creation of any outstanding jewelry piece. The modern techniques, skillful workers, cutters and machines all work together to form a fabulous piece of jewelry. Gemstones are cut into various shapes and some of the popular and prevalent shapes include the round or the circular shape, the oval shape, marquise shape, pear shape, heart shape, octagon shape, and square shape. However, the shapes of gemstones are not only confined to the mentioned names. There are various other shapes too which certainly enhance the beauty of a gemstone and a jewel, overall.

At Gemexi, you can discover enchanting jewelry with vivid shapes. Including unique and fashionable shapes like the octagon stone, fancy heart shape, trillion stone shape, marquise stone shape, teardrop shape and much other variety of shapes, the jewels at Gemexi are crafted with excellent skills, care, and passion. The different shapes available for gemstones tell their own tales! The round shape is one of the most popular shapes in gemstones and nearly 75% of all gemstones are cut into this round shape. The oval shapes or the elliptical shapes are the second most popular shapes in the world of gemstones and add brilliance to any jewelry.

You can delight yourself with a wide range of jewelry at Gemexi and can find any of your favorite shape and gemstone as well, with ease. The right cut and perfect shapes augment the beauty of any jewelry form making them more demanding and precious.

Explore Jewelry By Birthstone

Birthstones are believed to have a significant effect on its respective wearers. Enriched with superb extraordinary powers, healings effects, and energy, these birthstones definitely bring about positive changes in one’s life. For enjoying the immense benefits of birthstones, you do not have to carry them in your pocket; rather you can wear them in a beautiful form of jewelry. Jewelry by birthstone is available in rich and compelling designs which help you define your fashion mantra and also let you enjoy the amazing benefits of your birthstone.

Searching for jewelry by birthstone at Gemexi is a wonderful and satisfying experience. Gemexi has beautifully categorized jewelry by birthstone. Finding your birthstone jewelry is quite easy here! Once you choose your birthstone, you can explore different categories like pendants, earrings, necklaces, sets, bracelets or rings. The best part of buying birthstone jewelry at Gemexi is that you also get to know about your birthstone. The complete knowledge on gemology and birthstones can be accessed conveniently at Gemexi. And undoubtedly, having in-depth knowledge of your birthstone gives you a lot of personal satisfaction!

Various enthralling birthstones molded into luxurious bracelets, earrings, bracelets and other forms of jewelry make an impressive style statement too. The rich birthstone jewelry collection at Gemexi consists of delicate bracelets, enchanting earrings, shimmering pendants, breathtaking necklaces, and stunning rings. At Gemexi, the modish, elegant and simple yet effective designs of birthstone jewelry can be bought at a reasonable cost. So get your lovable birthstone jewelry today and enjoy plenty of benefits of wearing the same!