Swiss Opal Green Jewelry Collection

Swiss Opal Green is a gemstone that has powerful capabilities that heal the body, mind, and soul. As a stone of imagination, Swiss Opal Green has the power to open a person’s mind to creativity. The green colored gemstone is a variety of opal that can beautifully be worn as a jewelry piece. Swiss Opal Green jewelry looks very good as a ring or pendant especially when it is used with sterling silver. Swiss Opal Green women’s jewelry is not very common mainly because green opal is quite rarely found.

What Does Opal Mean

Swiss Opal Green is a variety of opal – one of the most popular categories of gemstones known to mankind. It is believed that Opal derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’ which means precious stone. There is also a Greek derivative of Opal as it is believed that the gemstone gets its name from the word ‘Opallios’ which means something that sees a change of color. 

Where Is Opal Mined From

Australia is believed to be the largest source of Opal amounting to about 96% of precious opals mined. Apart from the island continent, opal is also found in Ethiopia, Nevada (USA), Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil etc. 

Metaphysical Properties of Swiss Opal Green 

Swiss Opal Green gemstone unleashes the creativity in a wearer. It unblocks the mind and helps a person look around his world creatively. The stone is also known to help make a person mentally and emotionally strong. It is a stone that helps keep negative thoughts away from such that only positive energies float around him. Swiss Opal Green also helps to strengthen relationships. With its power of positivity and goodwill, the stone helps mend all broken relationships successfully. Swiss Opal Green is also known to enhance one’s spiritual side. It helps open one’s psychic and spiritual side. 

Designs that You Can’t Look Away From

If you are looking for unique Swiss opal green jewelry collection then you have landed in the right place. At Gemexi you will find rare gemstones used brilliantly to have sterling silver jewelry that is beyond beautiful. Swiss Opal Green is a rare gemstone that deserves to be uplifted with great designs and craftsmanship. When you browse through our page, you will find a wide range of exquisite designs. 

Hand-crafted By Artisans Who Love Their Work

Jaipur, India is known for its bustling sterling silver artwork. Apart from finding many artisans excelling in jewelry making, you will also find artisans who make other artifacts using silver. All the Swiss Opal Green jewelry online you are seeing below are made in Jaipur by these artisans. They not only have the knowledge but also expertise that enables them to create world-class jewelry items.

Get What You Need Right Here

You can order a single jewelry piece or place wholesale orders at Gemexi. We have attractive offers for all types of customers. If you want to buy Swiss Opal Green jewelry for your small boutique shop, make 

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