Iolite Jewelry Collection

Reasons Behind the Love for Iolite Jewelry?

Have you heard of a gemstone that shows two different colors from two different angles? Yes! We are talking about Iolite. Beautiful Iolite gemstone and is actually a transparent form of cordierite. It looks blue when seen from one specific direction and displays a transparent or water-like appearance when seen from the other angle. Also, the stone appears golden yellow in color when seen from above. The characteristic of displaying different colors from different directions make Iolite a popular and lovable choice for many. 

Iolite Historical Facts

The name 'iolite' comes from the Greek term “ios”. It means “violet”. The name justifies the gemstone as it comes in shades of blue, mostly dark blue, along with a dash of violet color. The first important deposits of Iolite were found in 1996 in Wyoming, US. The largest crystal of Iolite was found in Grizzly Creek, Wyoming. According to legends, the Viking navigators had Iolite filters that helped them to find sun on cloudy days.

Important Sources for Iolite

Some of the important places from where the Iolite can be sourced include Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India & Brazil.

Rich & Fabulous Iolite Jewelry Styles

When you turn Iolite, you may clearly observe three different colors in three crystal directions. This quality has made Iolite quite popular for jewelry purpose. The Iolite earrings, pendants, rings and other jewelry items look really trendy and fantastic. This gemstone is available in shades of blue ranging from light blue shades to the dark and deep blue ones. The dark-colored Iolite is considered to be more precious.  

Exceptional Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi, you find designs that are a blend of high creativity and hard work. We have got jewelry that exhibits a variety of designs ranging from the classic elegant ones to the trendiest modish patterns.

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Gemexi offers a very efficient and satisfying customization process for your jewelry. Our customers support service helps you to get jewels that match your thoughts and expectations.

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Precious and expensive stones look even more beautiful when turned into fine jewelry! And this is what we exactly do at Gemexi! We turn these valuable stones into even more valuable pieces of jewelry by adding our touch of imagination and experience. Therefore, we suggest and request you to glance through our exclusive Iolite jewelry collection that exhibits excellent designs.

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