Citrine Jewelry Collection

The beautiful Colors of Citrine Jewelry make us Fall in Love with it

The word citrine has been derived from the French term ‘citron’ which means lemon. Citrine, the stone of November month, is popularly known as ‘Success Stone’ and ‘Merchant’s Stone’ as it helps promote the business to a higher level. It is a transparent yellow type of quartz and is available in few fantastic shades of yellow including pale yellow,  golden yellow, brownish-yellow and honey yellow. The citrine specimens that exhibit clarity and dazzling yellow to brown shades are the most wanted pieces of this gemstone variety.   

Historical References for Citrine Jewelry

Citrine is often associated with better thought procedures, expression, and firm determination. The stone is believed to bring happiness to the wearer. It is also said that citrine helps to keep the negative energy away. There are historical references that date back as old as 300 B.C and suggest that citrine was used in Greece. 

Important Sources for Citrine  

The largest producer of citrine in the world is Brazil. The other important places where citrine can be found include Argentina,  Madagascar,  Zaire,  Namibia,  Spain,  and Russia. 

The Gorgeous Jewelry Styles of Citrine

The citrine jewelry looks refreshing, soothing and brings a gleam to the boring days of  November when the sun is not so high! The yellow-colored jewelry of citrine shines with beauty and style. Though, there are other yellow gemstones too but either they are away too expensive or they do not offer such a wide variety of yellow.  On the other hand, the yellow color of citrine provides a plethora of choices in case of different shades of yellow. This gemstone can be cut into various types of shapes as its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale. The citrine stone can be perfectly used as the main stone in citrine rings, citrine earrings, citrine bracelets, and citrine necklaces also. 

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