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Love for Gaspeite jewelry

Being a recently discovered stone in the year 1966, this stone does not have any known lore even though it’s been mentioned that Aborigines employed this stone to brining good fortune. Being a healing gemstone, it’s known to reduce stress and assist heart, lung issues, and gallbladder. Metaphysically, it’s known to bring spirituality in the day to day life.

Gaspeite Gemstone jewelry in history

The Gaspeite gemstone is a mineral whose names come from the place where it was discovered in the year by mineralogists Rodda and Kohls. This discovery happened in the Peninsula of Gaspe, Canada.

Gaspeite source

Gaspeite occurs in very small quantities in very few locations around the world. Some of the most prominent deposits are discovered in the USA, New Mexico, and Widgiemooltha in West Australia, Kanbalda, New South Wales, Tasmania, Sardinia, Australia, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Gaspeite Jewelry style

Gaspeite isn’t just a well-known stone; it is often cut in the form of cabochons as well as beads for jewels, or polished and cut for the collectors only. The rarity of the stone makes it the stone which wouldn’t be available in the local stores. As Gaspeite is a slightly gentle stone, it’s not recommended for the rings until and unless protected well by the bezel setting. You would often see this stone in beads jewelry or even set in pendants or pins. As the most recent discovery of the huge deposits of the stone in Australia, it’s become widely used for bracelets, beads, carved ornaments, and necklaces. It’s many times set in silver patterns, along with a lot of other famous gemstones such as Chrysoprase, turquoise, sulfite, lapis lazuli, and malachite.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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