Eudialyte Jewelry

Reasons to Adore Stylish & Elegant Eudialyte Jewelry

The word Eudialyte is formed from the Greek words meaning “easy” & “to decompose”. This beautiful mineral has been named so because, in the earlier times, it was found that Eudialyte got easily dissolved or decomposed in acid. Though generally, Eudialyte stone is available in shades of pink, reddish pink and blackish pink but the rare varieties are also available in colors like green, yellowish brown, brown, and violet.

Gemstone jewelry in history for e.g. (history of diamond jewelry)

Eudialyte was discovered in the year 1819 in the Julianehaab district, Greenland. It is a rare cyclosilicate mineral. Eudialyte is believed to contain positive vibrations. It is also said that this rare mineral helps and supports the love energy residing in the heart and therefore, fills your life with love and happiness.

Sources for Eudialyte  

Eudialyte can be sourced from places including Greenland, Russia, Madagascar, Canada and the USA. At present, most of the Eudialyte in the world market hails from Kola Peninsula, Russia

Fashionable Eudialyte Jewelry Styles

Eudialyte jewelry looks very elegant and classic. This rarely found mineral can be worked into some fine pieces of jewelry including beautiful rings, pendants, earrings etc. You do not only look attractive with this jewelry but also get the opportunity to feel positive vibrations as Eudialyte is believed to be full of positive vibrations.  

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