Larimar Jewelry Collection

Larimar jewelry for eternity is a joy to wear, and as an iconic gemstone, it enhances the glamor too. Larimar is a natural birthstone of multitudes born as spring begins, i.e., from 20 March to 19 April, generally for Aries. Turquoise color gemstone Larimar, a symbol of patience and respect, too brings balance to life and allows us to discover the unseen. A blue gem, Larimar makes an overwhelming choice for jewelry designers to craft classic, vintage, and modern designs that allure the modish chic. The increasing popularity of Larimar bracelets and Larimar necklaces is due to their wearability and charismatic turquoise hue. Aside from Larimar jewelry, Larimar rough is gaining importance as blue Larimar attracts many happy days in life along with the happy years to come.

History of Larimar

Larimar jewelry has long been cherished and valued for its mesmerizing appeal and healing attributes. Further, as the symbol of serenity, heaven's beauty, and visionary wisdom, Larimar gemstone has been worn as jewelry for ages. Larimar earrings are speculated to be the latest trend due to their charismatic and soothing blue color. Stress acts as part and parcel of life. Whether in today's hectic, challenging day-to-day life or in ancient times, kings and queens, along with ordinary people, prefer Larimar necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as well as Larimar beads to keep themselves calm and protect self from distress. Larimar, whether rough or polished considered a ruling gem of the jewelry world. Its turquoise hue and reverberating vibes connect the wearing person with divine forces and enhance their capability to make fair decisions.

Dazzling Larimar gems are in the personal solicitation of many, from Larimar earrings, necklaces, and bracelets of many popular people, famous glam stars to priests and high-rank people. The 22nd wedding anniversary stone, Larimar, is a valued choice for any special occasion. If anyone loves Larimar, especially women, she will wear them anytime, anywhere to magnetize the attention of millions and enhance her charm. For retailers keeping real Larimar jewelry in their jewelry house is a safe option as it is the most saleable and preferred gem. Larimar can be given as a promise (promised) gift, birthday gift, and wedding present.

Wholesale Larimar Stone Jewelry for Sale at Gemexi

At Gemexi, you will see a wide variety of Larimar jewelry wholesale collections ranging from rings, pendants, and earrings to bracelets manufactured using genuine Larimar jewelry from the Dominican Republic. Further, you will see the artistic and stunning designs in Larimar, know the collection, and be in an exclusive group that will enthrall you to buy as a consumer and as a wholesaler. If you are buying Larimar jewelry, seeing your perspective market, or as a high-toned consumer (jewelry lover) who wishes to purchase Larimar jewelry holding classic touch, vintage touch, or modern high fashion design, they are all available under one roof, at Gemexi.

Larimar Colors

Blue Larimar is a highly desired and demanded gemstone. There is an array of Larimar jewelry choices available in different colors ranging from light blue to greenish blue to deep blue in Gemexi's catalog to match your personality and lifestyle. You can too find greenish and deep blue Larimar apart from light blue in Gemexi's vibrant collections. Blue larimar jewelry is naturally translucent to opaque in diaphaneity, and its vivid tone allures the heart of millions. Our jewelry-rich catalog filled with varied jaw-dropping Larimar jewelry is brought from different countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Australia, India, Italy, China, Hong Kong, and Nepal. We do offer a bespoke service so that you can turn your imagination into reality and can wear your favorite Larimar gemstone jewelry in your custom design. Gemexi is known worldwide for its Larimar jewelry. However, we offer a picturesque medley of natural turquoise and greenish-blue Larimar beads and Larimar jewelry to suit your personal choice.

Exceptional Larimar Jewelry Craftsmanship

Gemexi takes jewelry as a part of life that builds memories too. Jewelry gifted at events is cherished forever. Thus, it cannot be conceived solely as a piece of adornment. Jewelry crafts and brought jewelry from all over the world, keeping this emotion and emotional touch in mind. Our modish and antique-style silver larimar jewelry displays our mastery in design history. Every creation or say design speaks of our excellence in jewelry making.

925 Sterling Silver Larimar Jewelry Styles

Gemexi and its in-house jewelry designers focus on the mood and taste of the person. We at Gemexi craft brought such designs that are never out of fashion; even if the trend changes, Larimar earrings, rings, or any other accessory is never out of style and can be worn anytime. Our spacious and vivid collection spans from (but is not confined to) classic designs, innovative techniques, antique style larimar engagement rings, earrings, Larimar pendants, and necklaces. If blue color and beautiful nature captivate your beloved or soul mate, then Gemexi's Larimar jewelry and Larimar beads inspired by the sea creatures will allure her. Finally, we have the Larimar jewelry with the style of the soul you love.

Source of Larimar

An increasingly valued and calming stone, Larimar jewelry as a healing gemstone is beautiful for day-to-day wear. Everyone needs peace and tranquility in life, and thus in The Blue Stone of Atlantis, Larimar should be worn of perfect quality. The only place where Larimar jewelry is found is in the Dominican Republic at the Filipinas Mine in Los Cheeses.

At Gemexi, we realize our accountability towards a sustainable environment and the milieu. Thus, all our healing gemstones, i.e.,  Larimar stone, are ethically sourced from the Dominican Republic.

Personalize Wholesale Silver Larimar Jewelry at Gemexi

Choosing your favorite Larimar earring or any other Larimar jewelry accessory is easy with Gemexi. Gemexi holds considerable customer support that permits its clients to make selections and find "the one" among the assemblage. Our bespoke service helps our customers to give their design and imagination to transform into reality and enhance their magnetism in public. Our personalized (bespoke) jewelry service allows you to customize your larimar gemstone jewelry quickly and efficiently.

FAQ about larimar jewelry


1. How to buy the perfect larimar jewelry?

Larimar jewelry is available in white and blue shades. Minimal white marbling and vivid blue coloring are the most valuable larimar gemstones. Consider three things before buying larimar jewelry: color, cut, and clarity. 

2. Is Larimar Jewelry Expensive?

The larimar jewelry is not so expensive but ain't cheap either, and this stone comes in a semi-precious gemstone. So the price may vary on the gemstone's carat, or the larimar beads are expensive.

3. What chakra is Larimar gemstone jewelry good for?

The larimar gemstone is associated with the throat, heart, third eye, and crown chakras. This helps in inner wisdom, outer manifestation, peace, clarity, and love energy.

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