Italian Murano Glass Jewelry

Why Italian Murano Glass Jewelry is Loved So Much

Just as the name indicates, the Italian Murano glass is the conception of Murano Island which lies near Venice. The Italian Murano Glass jewelry comes in various colors because of the various technologies involved in the making of this beautiful glass. Definitely, the jewelry made out of this amazing and charming glass looks highly captivating and delightful. Now, the technique of making this glass is applied all across the globe. Hence, this glass can be sourced from various places. The various beautiful hues in this glass include the multicolor variety, the glass in milky hues, the browns, reds, blue, pale gray, reddish pink and several more.  

Important Facts Related to Italian Murano Glass

The rock crystal quartz is the basic material which is used in the creation of Italian Murano glass. Hence, this amazing glass contains almost all the healing attributes of quartz. The glass is believed to improve the circulatory system as well as the immune system of its wearer’s body. It also helps in the augmentation of energy flow as the Italian Murano Glass is believed to intensify the healing energy. This glass is also believed to be a great stone for providing purity in the soul by expelling out all sorts of negativity from its carrier’s heart. It doesn’t only support the purification of the soul but also helps in the purification of the internal body frame.

Important Sources for Italian Murano Glass  

Though, the technique of this glass’s creation is now available all over the world, yet some of the important locations from which it can be sourced in good amount include Gabbiani, Venini, Salviati, Barovier & Toso, Pauly, FerroMurano, Berengo Studio, Seguso, Formia International, Simone Cenedese, Alessandro Mandruzzato, and several more.

Italian Murano Glass Jewelry Styles

The jewelry made out of this beautiful glass looks quite colorful and alluring. The pendants, earrings, necklaces and other forms of jewelry made out of this glass look quite amusing and trendy. 

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