Pink Conch Shell Pearls Silver Jewelry Collection

Pink conch shell pearls have a beautiful pink color with a unique flame effect in it. This makes it priceless, attractive, elusive and also very expensive. It has been widely used in jewelry since ancient times. These pretty pearls are actually a calcareous concretion which is produced by a mollusk named as the Queen Conch. It has a flame wave-like structure on its surface and is normally oval-shaped. You will find a porcelain-like creamy structure with unique shimmer in it. They are not made of nacre and so they have traditional luster. They are not true pearls but still referred to as pearls because of their luster. 

Why Pink conch shell pearls jewelry is loved so much?

Pink conch shell pearls are not cultured or produced artificially for commercial purposes and hence they are in high demand and loved all over the world. The value of these pearls is determined by the combination of its color, size, shape and flame effect. The rarest pink conch shell pearls cost around $15000 per carat while the good ones can be availed at around $4000-$7000 per carat. You can find these naturally occurring pearls in specific regions of the Caribbean. Although these pearls do not have the symmetry found in nacreous pearls still they are natural and organic and rare and hence sought after by buyers throughout the world. 

Origin and history of Pink conch shell pearls

These pearls are formed when an irritant enters the body of the Queen conch and it starts to form a calcareous concentration around it. This process is similar to the building up of kidney stones in the human body. They grow inside a pearl sac present in the Queen conch’s orange mantle. To remove these pearls meat needs to be cut out of the shell.

Pink conch shell pearls – Where is it found?

You can find naturally occurring conch pearls in warm tropical waters of Caribbean regions where Queen Conches live in large groups amongst the beds of sea grass. This region extends from Bermuda till the Yucatan. Earlier these pearls were also found near the coast of Florida.  

Pink conch shell pearls jewelry styles

Conch shell pearls have been used in jewelry design since centuries. They were worn as jewelry during 1850-60s. They became highly popular in the Edwardian and late Victorian eras by the name “pink pearls”. You can find these pearls in the Queen Mary Conch Pearl Brooch. Today, the pink conch shell pearls women’s jewelry is available in extensive range of breathtaking designs and styles including earrings, bracelets, rings and more! 

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