Topaz Jewelry Collection

Topaz: The StoneOf Luck

It is not wrong if we say that Topaz is a stone of luck because of its nature to attract the money and prosperity and still it is One of the least expensive gemstones, Topaz has been one of the most commonly used stones in jewelry making for more than 2000 years. Across cultures and different civilizations stone has earned its popularity. The stone is known for its splendor and has over many centuries been one of the most used gemstones in jewelry making. Considered to be a symbol of love and affection it is known to inculcate the same virtues in the wearer. Raw blue topaz jewelry is naturally very popular among the masses. If you are looking to buy natural raw London blue topaz jewelry you won’t need to go elsewhere as we have an impressive collection that would grab your eyes. Our unique London Topaz jewelry collection includes Raw Blue Topaz Rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and much more.

Where is Raw Topaz Gemstone Mined From

Topaz is mined in different parts of the globe but it has been primarily mined in Asia. These stones are mainly mined in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka which is famous for its Rough London blue topaz. Apart from these countries, these stones are also mined in mountainous parts of Germany, Norway, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Sweden. These stones have also been mined in the United States for the last many decades. 

What powers does topaz have?

All Gemstones look beautiful but what makes them differ from each other, Is the powers that they hold? Before buying brown smoky topaz Jewelry online you’d surely want to know about the powers and healing benefits of this stone. Before buying brown smoky topaz Jewelry online you’d surely want to know about the reasons and healing benefits of this stone. Since time immemorial Topaz has been known for balancing meridians of the body. There is a school that sees Topaz as the stone for love, affection, and bonding which also brings calmness and good fortune to the wearer. Rough London Blue Topaz is known for creating the perfect balance between the body, mind, and the soul. It is known to improve knowledge and wisdom. The yellow variety of Topaz is believed to strengthen optimism in a person and know to attract others towards the wearer. It is also known to benefit the nervous system in the body along with the endocrine glands.

Why Topaz Good For Jewelry? 

There are stones that look good on occasion and others that you can wear every single day. Topaz belongs to the latter category. You don’t have to pick and choose an occasion to buy brown smoky and blue Topaz women's jewelry as you can wear them every single day. Choose from our wide selection of  Imperial Topaz jewelry and they would blend with your attire seamlessly. That is why topaz is good for jewelry. From a formal party to your best friend’s wedding, at Gemexi we have the most extensive collection of Topaz jewelry online. We have all kinds of jewelry pieces you need cutting across styles and designs. From everyday wear to those that you’d don on special occasions we have something for every taste.  

How much is a topaz worth?

After having so many benefits as compared to other gemstones topaz is less expensive because it is found in big crystal form and is easy to find than other gemstones that is why its price does not increase so much as the carat of stone increases. But its price varies by its color Like Imperial Topaz is the most expensive topaz because of its color and colorless topaz is the least expensive.

Great Blue Topaz Jewelry Comes from Quality Craftsmanship at Wholesale Price

Topaz is a beautiful stone but when you are looking to buy Topaz jewelry you can’t ignore the quality of craftsmanship. Jewelry making is driven by passion and a combination of creativity and knowledge of metals and stone. Sterling silver has for years been the metal of choice for Rough London Topaz jewelry and they blend together to result in masterpieces. At Gemexi we take pride in the team of craftsmen we have making ornate Imperial Topaz jewelry. All the pieces are handcrafted and this creates something unique that is difficult to find elsewhere. 

Rely on Our Customer Service Choose

One of the things that women often worry about while buying jewelry online is whether the products are authenticated and if they are getting value for their money. All your doubts and confusions regarding the products listed on our website will be answered by our dedicated team of customer service executives. You can chat anytime and we will answer all your gemstone jewelry-related queries.  

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