Mushroom Rhyolite Jewelry

Why Mushroom Rhyolite Jewelry is Loved and Coveted So Much

Mushroom Rhyolite jewelry looks captivating in its own patterns and distinguished hues. This unique looking stone is revered as a good conductor as well as an energizer of heavenly energies. In fact, Mushroom Rhyolite is rigid lava and contains high amounts of silica in it. The stone is also known by the name Rainforest Jasper. It is found in beautiful and vivid colors like orange, brown, red, gray and green. It is an amazing stone for those people who want to move forward in life. The stone adds inspiration and necessary spark to its wearer’s life so that the wearer keeps moving ahead in life. Mushroom rhyolite is also believed to fortify the connection between animals and kids.

Important Facts Related to Mushroom Rhyolite

Apart from inspiring its wearer for moving ahead in life, this beautiful stone also adds modesty to its wearer’s attitude. This attitude helps the wearer of Mushroom Rhyolite stone to perform modestly at workplace. The stone is also believed to help its wearer look and feel young as well as energetic. In traditional rites and ceremonies, the Mushroom Rhyolite gemstone is often used for basic magic. It is also widely believed that this stone is a stone of spiritualists.    

Important Sources for Mushroom Rhyolite

South America and eastern Pennsylvania in the United States are the main sources for this unique stone.

Stunning Mushroom Rhyolite Jewelry Styles

This stone can be worked into creative jewelry items including pendants, earrings and much more. Mushroom Rhyolite is also valued and loved as a super nurturer because of its amazing energies and its capability of conducting energies. The luster of this stone is vitreous to dull while its diaphaneity is transparent to almost opaque. The Mushroom Rhyolite gemstone measures 7 to 9 in hardness on Moh’s scale.

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