Scolecite Jewelry

Why Scolecite Jewelry is Loved & Coveted So Much

The Scolecite jewelry carries its own elegant charm. It looks beautiful and undoubtedly adds an attractive factor to one’s persona. The word Scolecite hails from a Greek term meaning ‘worm’. In fact, the stone has been called so because of its characteristic to twist during the heating process. The Scolecite is revered and valued as a stone that is very effective for enhancing communication with the inner self. Though, generally, it is found in white color but can also be found in several other alluring shades like colorless, red, yellow and pink. The beautiful Scolecite jewelry looks quite trendy and attractive.

Important Facts Related to Scolecite

An amazing stone for better communication with inner-self, Scolecite is also valued as a gemstone that provides a relaxing feeling within its surrounding atmosphere. This stone contains deep energies which helps in balancing the chakras. By carrying or wearing Scolecite one can feel very relaxed and calm. The stone is also believed to be quite helpful in blood turmoil. It also provides a beneficial effect in intestinal problems.

Important Sources for Scolecite

The chief sources for Scolecite include Brazil, India, Russia and Spain.

Beautiful Scolecite Jewelry Styles

Scolecite jewelry can be teamed up intelligently with many types of attire. It makes you look attractive, glamorous and graceful. Scolecite’s diaphaneity is transparent to sub-translucent and it measures 5 to 5.5 in hardness on Moh’s Scale. Its luster can be vitreous or silky. With its beautiful colors like white, colorless, pink, yellow and few more, the Scolecite jewelry easily captivates anyone’s attention!

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