Tanzanite Jewelry Collection

Why Raw Tanzanite Stone Jewelry is Coveted So Much

Extraordinary aura, deep blue color with a slight purple hint and amazingly beautiful! We are talking about ‘Tanzanite’, popularly known as “Gemstone of the 20th Century”. Found only at one place on Earth – Tanzania, an East African state, this royal gemstone steals anyone’s heart at the very first glance. Tanzanite is a ‘pleochroic’. Hence it exhibits three separate colors when seen from different angles. And that’s the main reason why this rare and highly valuable gemstone gathers so much esteem and love around it.    

Historical Facts Related to Tanzanite Silver Jewelry

Tanzanite is the birthstone for December month. The most prevalent legend that revolves around Tanzanite says that this gemstone was first observed by the Masai cattle herders approximately thirty years ago when lightning caused fire and burned many regions in the state of Tanzania. The stone is said to accentuate confidence in the wearer. 

The Only Source of Raw Tanzanite Stone

Tanzanite occurs at only one place on Earth and that is near Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, an East African state

Stylish & Adorable Tanzanite Jewelry Styles

The vivid and rich colors of Tanzanite along with high clarity make it a very desirable gemstone in jewelry. The gemstone, when treated with heat, displays two awesome colors including deep blue and royal purple. Tanzanite is worked into delicate, classic, and elegant jewelry styles in form of bracelets, pendant, rings, earrings etc. 

Craftsmanship by Gemexi – Our Way of Working

The foundation of Gemexi stands on ethics and trust. We never compromise on the quality of our products. We weave jewels based on trendy attractive patterns that allure customers with quality and beauty. Our experts always make sure that each jewelry item available on Gemexi is complete in itself. 

Get Your Jewelry Personalized at Gemexi

All of us are born with different mindsets and therefore all of us think and imagine differently. The point is – if you have got an idea about any jewelry item, you may get it personalized in form of a jewelry piece at Gemexi. All you need to do is to take help of our bespoke service.

Take a Dive into the Tanzanite Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

Why not browse through the beautiful Tanzanite Raw Stone Jewelry collection at Gemexi! We have got a wide variety that encompasses mesmerizing designs that are created using expertise and unusual skills. Do take a look at our beautiful Tanzanite rings, pendant, and many more items!

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