Cinnabar Jewelry Collection

Love for Cinnabar stone jewelry

Cinnabar has got very strong metaphysical and physical properties and it’s known to be the stone of wealth creation as well as a manifestation and it has been termed as the “Merchants Stone”.

The stone’s energy might bring a rise of wealth in your business. It is also quite powerful in awakening the mystic vision and it might empower you in completing your ultimate purpose of incarnating.

It’s known to be the gem of transformation, alchemy, magic, and healing. It helps in improved communication as well as inspired thinking and might be used for aligning all chakras and for releasing resentment and fear.

This is the reason why it is loved by people so much.

Cinnabarstone jewelry in history

The prehistoric uses of the stone included grinding it for creating vermillion and the earliest use of the stone used to be at Neolithic sites of Catalhoyuk in Turkey. Here all the wall paintings comprised of the Cinnabar vermillion.

Cinnabar source

Cinnabar is found essentially in almost all the minerals extraction localities which yield mercury, specifically the Philippines, California, Spain, St. John’s Mine, Hastings Mine, California, Vallejo, Giza, Palatinate, Apuan Alps, Ripa, and Tuscany.

CinnabarJewelry style

Cinnabar stone is used for making Cinnabar necklaces, Cinnabar earrings, Cinnabar bangles, Cinnabar pendants, Cinnabar rings, Cinnabar bracelets and certain other items of jewelry. It looks beautiful when combined with other stones and in different styles of jewelry. That is why it is a big hit amongst women.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi, we offer a wide range of Cinnabar jewelry which is unique and breathtakingly beautiful. You will get a wide choice of products to choose from. You can buy earrings, rings or anything you like with the stone.

Personalize jewelry by Gemexi

Everyone likes personalized things and if it’s about jewelry it’s even better. Most of the people think that it is not possible to personalize jewelry. But actually it is possible to personalize even jewelry. You can get your jewelry customized and personalized with us. We will turn your dreams into reality. We will give you the design you see in the paper. We have a strong record of satisfied customers who are also loyal to us. The biggest reason behind this is the quality service and beautiful products we offer to our clients.

Check Cinnabar jewelry collection

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