Cushion Shape Jewelry

A mark of a budding trend in modish jewelry, the cushion cut is the intriguing shape that rests between the rectangle and the ellipse. Up to the minute, multitudes see the cushion cut as a distinctively modern cut, but the contrary is true - it is a classic, even historic cutting style that has lately undergone the resurgence. Cushion cuts were exceptionally admired and accepted in the 19th century and the early 20th century. The foundation for the cushion cut is self-styled as an old mine cut that was shaped in a square pattern with rounded corners. The cushion cut is deep with a high crown and low board with large facets. The cushion that is often known as old mine cut holds 33 crown facets in addition to 25 pavilion facets.

The trendy and modish cushion cut rings, pendants cushion, cut earrings and cushion, cut bracelets, highly adored by sassy people bears a resemblance of old mine cut and a modern oval cut. Cushion-Cut and Old mine cut to hold an important distinction that the old mine cut had 58 facets whereas the modern cushion cut has 64 facets. The cushion-cut, a most acknowledged cut in the jewelry history holds a rectangular to the square shape with rounded corners. The cushion-cut too has a facet plan that gives gemstone a depth and jewelry a unique style and class. The cushion cut is no doubt different from today’s brilliant cut of the diamonds that intensify the shine and is not firey but maintains its prominence due to its power to add a romantic touch to the jewelry. The cushion cut is classy and adds the classic look to enhance the luster of the gem. Often known as the antique cut, Cushion cut was the widely preferred cut in the 19th century. Until the beginning of the 20th century, its notability and demand were at a hike due to the inclusion of new modern cuts. The cushion cuts used in the historical sources are different from the facets treatment of the modern cushion cuts. Thus, this advancement in the cut makes it the most luminary cut till the date. Today, cushion cuts are found in attention-grabbing checkerboard cut, Portuguese cut as well as in the cut holding a concave facet. Though cushion cuts are in fashion and trend once again, they can be rather hard to obtain. At any fed time, just approximately 5% of our extensive inventory will be cushioned cuts. Thus, despite its significant position in the history of gemstones, the cushion cut still counts as unusual in today's marketplace.

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