Labradorite Jewelry Collection

Labradorite jewelry exudes a wonderful iridescent optical effect. This attractive effect of this labradorite stone jewelry is also known as labradorescence. Usually, this real labradorite jewelry exhibits a blend of colors, including blue, bluish-green, lavender-blue, and yellow shades. Sometimes natural labradorite ring even shows streaks of pink or purple color. The marvelous and majestic labradorescence of a genuine labradorite necklace has made it such an adorable and popular gemstone among jewelers. Cause, of its colors, labradorite jewelry, is appreciated by all labradorite lovers all over the world.

The exquisite best labradorite earrings, beautiful sterling silver labradorite jewelry designs, and other authentic labradorite pendants are enthralling. The beauty and glamour of this labradorite stone accentuate when combined with other ornamental elements like silver, gold, topaz, etc. Apart from great looks, the real wholesale labradorite bracelets are believed to help understand destiny.

Historical References for Labradorite

The very first fact related to labradorite lies in its name. It has been named after the location where it was first discovered. The stone was discovered in Labrador, Canada. This gemstone is highly associated with magic and conversion. Labradorite is also popularly known as “the Stone of Magic” as it is believed to enhance the magical powers of the wearer.  

Sources for Labradorite

The gemstone was first discovered in Labrador, Canada. The other important places where this beautiful labradorite gemstone is found include Finland, Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, and the USA.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi – Excellent Designs with Creative Ideas

Jewels are loved by women all over the world because they help enhance a woman’s beauty and charm. We at Gemexi, absolutely agree with this, and hence we work on brilliant designs that are based on unique and innovative ideas. Our jewelry expert team has years of experience, and the same is utilized with passion while making any jewelry item.  

Get Your Labradorite Jewelry Customized at Gemexi

If you have got an idea about a piece of specific labradorite jewelry, let us know. At Gemexi, we are committed to taking care of our customers’ valued ideas, suggestions and thoughts. Hence, we give them the facility of getting their labradorite jewelry customized. All you need to do is to talk to our customer service about the same.  

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If you want to buy online labradorite jewelry from India that can provide you with marvelous options of wholesale sterling silver labradorite jewelry, do stop by Gemexi. Our labradorite jewelry is full of mesmerizing designs that get displayed in the form of labradorite bracelets, labradorite necklaces, and labradorite earrings. We also take care to retain high quality and standards in our jewelry products.

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