Colus Fossil Jewelry Collection

Colus Fossil is a fossilized form of an animal that took the form of a gemstone over years of change. Colus Fossil is considered a form of agate. Considered to be formed from a sea animal, this fossilized gemstone’s formation dates back to some two hundred years. Colus Fossil jewelry is primarily found in blackish color with formations within that take the form of random designs. Combined with sterling silver, Colus Fossil women’s jewelry looks elegant and exquisite. Since the stone is a result of natural transformation of a sea animal over hundreds of years, healing properties of Colus Fossil which make it a highly powerful and effective gemstone. 

Metaphysical Properties of Colus Fossil

Being naturally formed over thousands of years, Colus Fossil is a spectacular gemstone that deserves to be revered and respected by all. It is a highly powerful gemstone that can transform a person’s life for the better. Among the many things that the gemstone does is its ability to establish a strong connection with Mother Earth. it is believed to have a strong connection with our planet which enables a wearer to feel connected and stay rooted. The fossilized gemstone also helps improve the power of intuition. You can trust your instincts better once you regularly wear the stone. Colus Fossil is believed to help enhance one’s confidence and trust. With the help of a stone you can trust yourself better. The stone also lends stability to a wearer and helps one take stable decisions. It is also believed that after wearing this gemstone a person experiences abundance and happiness. Colus Fossil also helps to combat difficult situation – times when you feel you are unprepared to handle the adversity.

Designs That You Cannot Ignore

The intricate hand-crafted Colus Fossil pendants are so breathtakingly beautiful that it is hard to ignore them. Our unique Colus Fossil jewelry collection is one of the best you that will find online. Each jewelry item that you see on our store is hand-crafted by artisans who hold expertise in jewelry designing. If you are keen to buy Colus Fossil jewelry, you search can end right here. We are based out of Jaipur, India and all our artisans are experts residing in this city which has for decades been known for its expertise in handling precious and semi-precious gemstones. Jaipur is also an important global destination of sterling silver jewelry making. We at Gemexi take pride in the fact that our craftsmen are adept at making both silver and gemstone jewelry. 

Buy Wholesale at Affordable Price

Not only do we offer customers to order single jewelry items but we also have schemes for wholesale buyers. You will find very few colus fossil jewelry online options for wholesale buyers but we are an exception. It doesn’t matter whether you shop for your jewelry shop or for door-to-door sale, we have offers for all. All the items listed on our website are authentic. You need not worry about the quality of the jewelry items. 

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