Rare Collection of Earth Mined Gemstones

Gemstones have been popular for centuries. There are ample shreds of evidence that show people have respected and loved gems since ancient times. Talisman, amulet, a harbinger of peace and many such words have regularly been used to describe gemstones from time immemorial. Almost every ancient civilization of the world has regarded gemstones as natural treasures that should be respected, valued and used with the utmost respect. While there is no dearth of gemstone jewelry and we all know about the love-and-only-love relationship women have with them, loose gemstones are also equally popular.

When you buy ready made gemstone jewelry, you have to choose from what’s available at the retailer or the online seller. While you may be able to choose the exact gem you want on your jewelry, the metal on which it is embellished and how the overall look should be, loose gems give you the freedom to do what you want with it. Many choose to shop loose gems because they want to meditate keeping it on their hand. Some prefer to buy loose gemstones so that they can always carry their lucky talisman with them. There are many superstitions associated with gems and to follow them people like the loose varieties as it gives them the flexibility to use them as they wish.

Browse through our store and you will come across many varieties of loose gems. If you have to buy gemstones online then there is no better place than Gemexi – we simply have the most exhaustive collection of gems. You can shop for precious and semi-precious gems at the best prices only here. Ruby, diamond, emerald, and sapphire are the precious gemstones you can buy loose at our store while everything else is listed under semi-precious stones. Whether you want to buy precious gemstones or the semi-precious ones, your only one-stop online retailer and wholesaler is Gemexi.

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Loose Gemstones

Shop By Intention

There are many people who choose to buy quality gems at wholesale prices for various reasons. Sometimes it is important to have an intention for buying gemstones. Gemstones are not mere ornaments that add to the glamour factor for a woman. They are energy points that in numerous ways helps a person re-defines her life and paves the way for a healthier life. If you have an intention to buy gemstones online you can browse through our website and see what suits your current needs. You can buy them as protective charms or to cleanse your energy nodes, for wealth and success, love and happiness, health and wellness, balance and focus, creativity and passion, spirituality and faith or for making new beginnings in life. Sometimes it is better to buy loose gemstones when you have a specific intention in mind. According to many Buddhist and Hindu belief system, holding loose stones in your palm while meditating can affect you far better than wearing the same stone around your neck.

If you are wondering where I can buy loose gemstones online your search simply ends here at Gemexi. Not only do we have loose gemstones for sale but we also offer wholesale loose gemstones at the best rates. While catering to the needs of individual buys we also meet the demands of wholesale buyers by offering wholesale loose gems at competitive rates. Gemexi is simply the best online shop for loose gemstones.

Protection & Energy Clearing Gemstone
Wealth & Success Gemstone
New Beginnings Gemstone
Love & Happiness Gemstone
Health & Wellness Gemstone
Balance & Focus Gemstone