Sponge Coral Jewelry

Attractive & Delightful Sponge Coral Jewelry

At the very first glance, the sponge coral gemstone reminds you about a garden by the sea. Actually, sponge coral is an ocean flora in which polyp lives. Polyp is a living organism and its dead skeletal masses result into the hard form of sponge coral. The sponge coral that we see as a final gemstone actually goes through many chemical treatments including heating, sinking, cutting and polishing. These processes provide it many alluring colors like deep red, red-pink, crimson red, orange etc but naturally it can be found in shades of white, pink, yellow and black. The sponge coral as a gemstone looks very stunning in jewelry forms. Sponge coral is also associated with qualities like balancing and relaxing lower chakras, calming down the emotions, encouraging fertility and birth too. It is also widely believed that sponge coral helps women at every stage of their lives.

Important Facts Related to Sponge Coral

Apart from the jewelry purpose, the sponge coral is also used as an element of protection. It safeguards its wearer from various skin troubles. Also, it is believed to provide a protection shield against misfortune.

Chief Sources for Sponge Coral

The noteworthy locations for Sponge Coral include Australia, Hawaii, Taiwan and Italy.

Stunning Sponge Coral Jewelry Styles

Sponge coral jewelry wins compliments because of its unique beauty and style. The sponge coral as a gemstone measures 3 to 4 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Its luster is dull as well as matte. Its diaphaneity is translucent to opaque.

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Gemexi provides you a wide range of sponge coral gemstone jewelry including beautiful pendants, earrings and much more. Our beautiful sponge coral jewelry is embellished with delightful designs and embeds the best quality. Make our sponge coral jewels a part of your jewelry box and get ready to flaunt your beauty with these exclusive jewels!

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