Aragonite Jewelry

Why Aragonite Jewelry is Loved So Much

In fact, Aragonite is a mineral that is secreted by mollusks and other related invertebrates. The mineral is also a chief ingredient for the ‘mother of pearl’. The name of this gemstone has been taken from ‘Aragon’ which is a place in Spain and it is the same location where this beautiful aragonite gemstone was first discovered. It is an amazing stone for those who wish to have a peaceful and relaxed mind. The stone aids in balancing various energy levels and thus, provides peace to mind. Also, the beautiful Aragonite stone is revered for its capability of removing tension and anger. Aragonite is accustomed to Goddess Earth as it is a ground stone. This stone is also considered as an awesome earth healer. It helps in the conservation of earth. The Aragonite jewelry looks awesome and trendy.   

Important Facts Related to Aragonite

Aragonite is said and believed to enhance calcium absorption. Thus, this stone is recommended in various therapies related to solving bone troubles. Many times, this stone is recommended for knee pain also as it provides relief when kept upon the knee. Aragonite is a marvelous option for improving harmony and association with Mother Earth. The stone also helps in solving various problems in a much better way as it provides an improved vision for any situation. Those who wish to improve their concentration power as well as the power of patience can use this amazing stone. It is a great stone for enhancing the inner power too.

Important Sources for Aragonite

Though the Aragonite gemstone is found all over the world but the noteworthy locations for this stone include New Mexico, Morocco, Spain, and Arizona.  

Beautiful Aragonite Jewelry Styles

Aragonite pendants, earrings, necklaces, or rings are available in a wide variety of designs. Aragonite is comparatively a soft mineral and because of its low hardness level, it should be used with care. The beautiful colors of Aragonite like yellow, light blue, gray, white, yellow, and the colorless form look quite impressive and appealing in form of jewelry

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