Turtle Agate Jewelry

Why Fall in Love with the Stylish Turtle Agate Jewelry

Turtle agate looks very different and mesmerizing in form of jewelry. This dark colored fossil gemstone comes in shades of tan, brown and golden brown. Turtle Agate is a silicified organic carbonate material. In fact, the turtle agate fossils are considered the oldest known fossils and they are actually the structures created by huge cyanobacteria colonies. At the very first sight, the turtle agate jewelry will remind you about a turtle because of its appearance that resembles the colors and patterns on a turtle’s shell. By wearing the turtle agate jewelry you can attain internal peace and self-confidence too. It is also believed to provide protection and warmth to its wearer.

Important Facts Related to Turtle Agate

In the ancient times, the turtle agate was considered as a marvelous healing stone by the tribal priests. The turtle agate fossil gemstone is also helpful in providing relief from gastritis by improving the digestive system. Also, it is recommended for improving the concentration of power in a person. The turtle agate is also helpful in enhancing the analytical skills. It is also a beneficial turtle agate gemstone for writers as it helps them express thoughts into a gainful form.

Where is Turtle Agate Found?

The turtle agate fossils are found worldwide.

Beautiful and Trendy Turtle Agate Jewelry Styles

If you have been craving for chic jewelry that makes you look attractive and different from the rest, try wearing the beautiful turtle agate jewelry. It looks very appealing and graceful with its turtle-like pattern. The turtle agate gemstone measures 4 to 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Its luster is vitreous. By wearing this jewelry you can build a better connection with Mother Earth. Also, the turtle agate jewelry will help you in the better functioning of blood vessels.

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