February Birthstone Jewelry

Classic vintage or contemporary Amethyst jewelry is a perfect adorn to enhance February born people. Find trendy and up-to-the-minute jewelry, earrings, bracelets, and rings along with the necklaces at gemexi.com. Do you love Purple, exceptionally gorgeous and a symbol of feminine seductiveness, amethyst jewelry is a standout addition to a casket of a voguish soul. The unique fusion of color and clarity, Amethyst exhibits eye-catching purple hues to rule the heart of millions. Ranging from the lighter tone of purple that appears to radiate out some pink tones too appears in deep purple. All jewelry lovers can find their selection at gemexi.com as gemexi’s wide umbrella of women and men collection allures all to have an Amethyst collection in their jewelry casket. A semi-precious gemstone that is too acknowledged for its transparency, Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. The word Amethyst is adopted from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ that means intoxicated in English. Further, this powerful word ‘amethystos’ proves the ancient word true that the stone prevents multitudes from drunkenness and getting intoxicated. Appraised as the official birthstone of February, Amethyst for ages was adored and seem popular among Egyptian and Victorian monarchs and royals. The ancient Greeks believes in amethyst healing potentials, thus wore as jewelry to protect themselves from intoxication. Further, they too craft or use amethyst in a drinking vessel to shield themselves from inebriation. The most captivating characteristic of the birthstone of February is the vividness of its dark shade along with the flawless translucency.

At gemexi, you can find the finest quality and exclusive designs of the Amethyst jewelry. Modish styles, shapes and sizes of this magnificent Amethyst gemstone is crafted to perfection. Each piece is hand-crafted by the designers with a secure ad firm stone setting. Show your presene to the world by wearing dazzling amethyst earrings, pendants, rings and Amethyst necklaces. More interestingly, amethyst jewelry can be paired well with pink sapphires and citrine accessory. Gemexi too provides you the option to the type and size of stones on your selected piece. You can choose any color amethyst in your choice or can endure the unique manner by using amethyst gem in between two different hued gemstones. Most often, diamonds or zircon and silver are most preffered choices with amethyst.

Heat-treated Amethyst Jewelry

When exposed to heat or kept in the excessive temperature, Amethyst changes its color to yellow or green. The high demand of pastel green gemstones, for which the natural amethyst is heat treated to produce synthetic green amethysts. They are believed to be best quality imitations, as the physical and chemical composition of these imitated amethyst is very similar to natural ones.

Origin and Occurrence

Amethyst, a iolet quartz is plentifully found in Brazil, particularly in th state called Minas Gerais. the massive deposits of Amethyst are located in the interiors of Southwestern Brazil and Uruguay. Further, Madagascar is assessed as the third largest producer of this gem after Uruguay and beautiful Brazil. the stone, Amethyst is too mined from the mine of South Korea, Russia and Zambia along with Africa, India and United States.

Birthstone Significance

A feminine and a possessor of serene hue, Amethyst is regarded to provide emotional and spiritual stability to the wearing individual. Since ages, it has been acknowledged as the best gemstone while managing financial and business issues. Amethyst too brings opulence in the lifetime, the clarity and transparency of this alluring gem purvey meditative powers along with the enhanced concentration. Multitudes born in the month of February should wear, amethyst to attain tranquility and contentment in addition to the constancy in the span of life.

Shopping at Gemexi

Since there are avant-garde  and ultra modern amethyst jewely available at jwelexi, you can be sure to get fantastic discounts and deals throughout the yr. With 100% stone guarantee, there are easy returns as well as personalization. You can contact the customer support team of gemexi for further assistance and information about the gemstone quality, size, shape and carat weight. The best thing to get your amethyst jewelry from gemexi is that you can enjoy direct sales as a company does not involve any middleman.

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