Mexican Bird Eye Jewelry

Why Mexican Bird Eye Jewelry is Loved So much

Beautiful mexican Bird Eye stone that shows bands which are twisted together in a distinguished pattern of adorable colors like brown, red, yellow, green, white and orange. The stone echoes with the vibration of love, sympathy and gentleness. It helps in the healing of past life by incorporating the past and present life. Those who wish to enhance and improve their body’s resistance power can benefit from Mexican bird eye stone as this beautiful stone is also valued for fortifying the natural resistance power of its wearer’s body.

Important Facts Related to Mexican Bird Eye

Mexican bird eye possesses the wonderful characteristic of letting its wearer recognize and enjoy his hidden capabilities. The stone enhance concentration on the present time. this stone is also believed to improve and strengthen the immunity system of its carrier. The stone does not only enhances the growth of healthy tissues but also helps in the cleaning of liver and kidney. The stone also aids in the absorption of Vitamin B. 

Important Source for Mexican Bird Eye

Mexican Bird Eye stone is found in Casas Grandes of Chihuahua, Mexico

Glamorous & Gorgeous Mexican Bird Eye Jewelry Styles

The Mexican Bird Eye jewelry looks elegant and stylish with its distinguished colors and patterns. You can find attractive and beautiful Mexican Bird Eye jewelry in form of pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. The stone’s luster is vitreous to dull and it measures 7 to 9 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Its diaphaneity is transparent to almost opaque.

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