Blue Copper Slag Jewelry Collection

Blue copper slag is a light blue colored stone with dark overtones that can manage to attract anyone with its brilliance. Many times the gemstone looks like glass and is commonly believed to belong to the agate group – though there is no strong evidence yet. Blue copper slag jewelry is commonly worn by those who believe that gemstones help to re-align their chakras and keep their body and soul in complete equilibrium. Believed to be a delicate gemstone, you need to take care of it if you want to benefit from its metaphysical properties. 

Metaphysical Properties of Blue Copper Slag

Like most gemstones, blue copper slag is also known for its metaphysical properties. Though the gemstone looks and feels like glass, it has incredible properties that are hard to ignore. While you are searching for blue copper slag jewelry online, make sure you know that its healing properties of blue copper slag can touch your life in many ways. 


One of the most effective uses of wearing blue copper slag women’s jewelry is that it helps improve concentration. It is a stone that helps to keep a person focused. The stone is also known to guide a person towards the path of righteousness and also stops one from getting associated with bad influences. The stone is also known to awaken chakras and re-align the dormant ones. This is one of the most powerful influences of blue copper slag. Another reason to buy blue copper slag jewelry is that it helps improve one’s meditative powers. The stone helps to drive away darkness and negativity and replaces them with a calmness that helps you concentrate and calm your mind. 

Exquisite Designs Made Using Blue Copper Slag

While it is true that blue copper slag is a beautiful piece of gemstone, it is also important to note that if you want to wear it as a jewelry piece, combining it with sterling silver is a great idea. Sterling silver has its unique sheen and shine which is incomparable and when the beautiful blue colored gemstone is attached to it, the combination is eclectic. When looking for designs that speak volumes about the gemstone and sterling silver, your search can end with Gemexi. We have great designs that do complete justice to this beautiful gemstone. 

Example of Excellent Craftsmanship ​

You will not easily find unique blue copper slag jewelry collection everywhere. Gemexi is one of the few online platforms that have such a wide variety of this exquisite gemstone. All the jewelry items you see on our store is made with extreme care and love. Every jewelry item you see on the store is exquisitely hand-crafted by craftsmen who have been designing jewelry for decades. We at Gemexi work with craftsmen who not only know their craft but are willing to learn new designing techniques and practices. As a result, we are constantly innovating and bringing you designs and templates that are exclusive. 


However, if you are unhappy with you to see on our store, reach out to our customer care executives who are always ready to help you. 

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