Serpentine Jewelry Collection

We often tend to look at a gemstone for its beauty quite easily ignoring the fact that gemstone has more qualities than just being beautiful. Gemstones in most cases have powers that the eyes may not see but the body and soul can feel after prolonged use. Serpentine is one such stone which though beautiful has more qualities than what you can probably expect. The mineral is composed of hydrated magnesium silicate and is found in two broad types – antigorite and chrysotile. Antogorite is a gemstone quality Serpentine whereas Chrysotile is more fibrous and crystallized. In gemstone jewelry making only the antigorite variety of the mineral is used because the chrysotile variety has asbestos which is harmful to the lungs. What makes Serpentine a truly unique stone is that no two stones have the same mineral composition. There will also be a difference which makes it a unique stone worth wearing as a jewelry piece. In fact, Serpentine jewelry has in recent years been attracting a lot of people because of its luster and bright color. The green-colored stone often comes with traces of other colors such as yellow and brown.

If you have been intending to buy some scintillating jewelry items to boost your collection then you should be checking out our unique Serpentine jewelry collection.  

Where Is Serpentine Mined From

Serpentine has been found in many parts of the world particularly in Canada, Afghanistan, Canada,Britain, Greece, Cyprus, China, Russia, Korea, France, Austria, Myanmar, India, Norway, New Zealand, Italy and the USA. 

Metaphysical Properties of Serpentine

It is believed that Serpentine has been revered for a very long time in many parts of the world. The word Serpentine comes word serpent and is in reference to snakes. The greenish color of the stone is the reason why it is associated with snakes. It has been believed that Serpentine can ward off the evil eyes and can also help treat ailments. Anyone wearing Serpentine women’s jewelry can feel the energies of the stone permeate inside her body relieving her of stress, tension and much more. Serpentine helps to heal pain in the kidney. It also helps relieve stomach cramps and eases tension. It is known to be an energy booster. If you are lack confidence and motivation, the stone could do wonders for you. One of the most interesting thing about Serpentine is that it awakens the Kundalini energies that reside within the body. If you are looking to uplift your soul and want to strengthen your inner self, there is hardly a better stone than Serpentine. This green colored stone is also known to stimulate the Crown chakra. It is believed that not only does it invigorate the crown chakra but also stimulates other chakras that reside within the body. 

Serpentine as a Jewelry Item

While no one can deny that Serpentine has powerful metaphysical properties that can heal the body, mind and soul, the fact that it is a beautiful mesmerizing stone cannot be forgotten either. As a jewelry item Serpentine looks beautiful. It shines as a ring, a pair of earrings and also as a necklace. But what really complements the stone is sterling silver. Not only does sterling silver look mesmerizing but the combination of silver and green has always been adored by all. The stone shines on the silver base and has the power to make each and every jewelry item shine. 

Jewelry That Are Hand-made with Care

There are undoubtedly many reasons why you should buy Serpentine jewelry from Gemexi. But before we go any further it is necessary that we praise our craftsmen who dedicatedly bring out the best jewelry items for you – our discerning customers. Every item you see on our website has been hand-crafted by jewelers who have been in the business of jewelry making for generations. There are mostly based out of Jaipur and carefully handcraft every jewelry item you see on our store. 

Shop With Us and Keep Coming Back for More

Gemexi has a wide collection of gemstone jewelry that you will hardly find elsewhere. If you are looking to buy Serpentine jewelry online, there is hardly a better place than Gemexi. You can place your order and we assure you that the product(s) will be delivered to you at the earliest. We have an efficient customer care team backing us who go all out to understand the problems of the customer and do all they can to resolve the issues. 

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