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We generally associate jewelry with ornamentation or decoration. However, jewelry can also be a part of religious rituals. Pretty popularly much all mainstream religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. use prayer jewelry of some form or the other! Collectively, these are called Prayer Box Jewelry. Some wear them to decorate their own bodies, while some use them as a gentle reminder to pray more often. Such prayer themed jewelry usually comes in different styles—traditional, artistic, trendy, etc. For centuries, people from different faiths have used different kinds of prayer jewelry like necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings, etc., to name a few, for prayers and others for ceremonial purposes. Prayer Box Jewelry should not be misconstrued as typical religious paraphernalia. These pieces of jewelry are not required per se. These are not necessary to perform any religious ritual. 

In Europe, during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, it was very common for the priests and the clergies to wear prayer jewelry. This jewelry used to be very exquisite and quite ornate (adorned with expensive jewels) as they were designed to indicate the social statuses of the clergymen. However, by today’s standards, some of them would be large and gaudy, making them rather impractical.

During the Victorian period, people sometimes used to combine their Prayer Box Jewelry theme with mourning theme jewelry. For example, during those days it was not unusual to find pendants and brooches holding photographs, words of scripture and even, hair locks of the dear ones. However, in today’s world Prayer Box Jewelry is mostly worn for religious, sentimental and fashion purposes. 

About Prayer Box Jewelry

A Prayer Box Jewelry, you will find a wide variety to choose from. Our Prayer Box Jewelry collection has never been bigger. We strive hard to provide total satisfaction to our customers. Our craftsmen are superbly skilled and are passionate to make the finest jewelry. But we don’t just leave it there. All our jewelry items go through a stringent quality check before our patrons can even see them, let alone lay their hands on them. That’s why our patrons are extremely loyal to us as they get their monies' worth. 

Customized Prayer Box Jewelry

As with our other jewelry, we, at Gemexi, also do customizations to our prayer box jewelry. Our skilled craftsmen will make the customizations as per your wishes, as long as they are possible. We do these because jewelry items are personal items and many of our patrons usually want specific additions or modifications to the existing designs to make the jewelry more personal.

So finally, the time of year that we all anxiously wait for has come. Christmas and the New Year is right. People all over the world are getting themselves into shopping and festive mood. This festive season we suggest that you visit us and take a look at our prayer box collection. What could be a better time than Christmas, to buy yourself prayer box jewelry or gift them to others? 

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