Cuprite Jewelry

Love for Cuprite jewelry

Traditional folk lore and crystals healing lore say that Cuprite is quite helpful in healing a lot of issues of the heart, thymus, blood metabolism, skeletal system, muscle tissues, oxygenation of blood, kidneys, stamina, menstrual cramps, water retention, certigo, alcoholism and addictions and vitamin absorption. That is why it is the favourite stone of a lot of people who believe in its healing powers.

Cuprite jewelry in history

The stone was recognized first and was described in the year 1845 first. The term comes from Latin word “Caprum” which is another word for Copper. Since Cuprite has got a high content of copper it has been named after this mineral. In fact, it produces a huge amount of copper each molecule out of most of the minerals. It is even known as ruby copper many a times due to its deep, beautiful ruby color. It is mined even today in a number of countries all throughout the world even today. It’s now employed even more commonly for the industrial uses rather than in jewelry.

Cuprite source

The most outstanding and lustrous rich red crystals of the stone as well as groupings come from Katanga, Kolwezi, Congo, etc. The extremely big crystals are often coated with sparkling green coat of Malachite and are quite well known from Seeis, Ogonja, Namibia and a wonderful locality for the very fine stone is Namibia.

Cuprite Jewelry style

Cuprite is used in earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc. The beautiful red color looks great. You may either take an all Cuprite jewelry collection or you may take it combined with some other stone or stones.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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