Ruby Silver Jewelry Collection

Do You Know Why Ruby Jewelry is Loved so Much

Ruby Jewelry The word “ruby” hails from the Latin word “ruber” which means ‘Red’. The inner luster and striking red color of Ruby immediately makes anyone fall in love with this beautiful gemstone. Its color may vary from pink to scarlet red. Ruby is a variety of mineral corundum. The most coveted color of Ruby is known as the pigeon’s blood color. It is a deep red hue with a tint of blue in it. 

Know the Historical Significance of Ruby Jewelry

Ruby has got many myths associated with it. This valuable ruby gemstone finds references in old Sanskrit texts, Bible and many more too. It was believed in the ancient Indian culture that the offering of Ruby to Lord Krishna guarantees reincarnation as a king. The warriors of Burma wore Ruby to stay undefeated and protected. Ruby was also regarded as a symbol of love and immortality

Sources of Ruby

Mogok in Burma is the most popular location for finding fine quality Rubies. Other major sources for this gemstone include Thailand, Sri Lanka &Tanzania. Some of the other places where this red gemstone is found include Mozambique, Afghanistan, Australia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, Tajikistan, Malawi, Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Pakistan and the United States.

Astonishing Styles of Ruby Silver Jewelry Collection

The red beauty of Ruby Jewelry gets automatically enhanced in different silver jewelry styles collection. The emphatic and intense red of this gemstone becomes quite prominent when combined with others like white topaz, sterling silver, white pearls etc. The ruby jewelry looks incredibly beautiful in form of earrings, rings, pendants and necklace form.  

Craftsmanship by Gemexi – Proficiency in Jewelry Designing

Gemexi feels pride in telling that we have got a team of jewelry experts which is skilful, accomplished, innovative and dedicated. It is the result of efforts of our team that we are able to set gemstones into stunning pieces of jewelry.

Customize Your Jewelry at Gemexi

Do you love modish patterns in jewelry or you simply love the traditional jewelry designs? We at Gemexi care for your taste and choice in jewelry. So do not forget to have a word at our customer support service. Our amiable bespoke service would surely help you get the jewelry item of your dreams. We get your jewelry customized as per your ideas and imagination. 

Explore the Awesome World of Ruby Jewelry at Gemexi

Want to add extraordinary glamour to your style? Do explore the world of Ruby jewelry at Gemexi. From everyday elegant designs to special statement items, Gemexi displays a wide range of Ruby jewelry including Ruby rings, earrings, pendants and many more. Our Ruby jewelry also exude combinations with Quartz white Topaz and sterling silver which further enhances the beauty of this gemstone and makes it look dominant.

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