Psilomelane Dendrite Jewelry

Why Psilomelane Dendrite Jewelry is Adored All Around the World

The unique and attractive Psilomelane Dendrite occurs in the tints of iron black and deep steel gray color.  You can also observe shining dark brown and pure black streaks in it. This stone when carved and set into innovative jewelry items looks even more attractive and appealing. The double color characteristic of Psilomelane Dendrite is believed to help connect the wearer with both spiritual energies and with the vibrations of Earth. It is an interesting fact that this stone is also recognized and valued for helping its wearer in taking out some time for his affectionate partner out of the everyday busy timetable. It is an amazing stone for the recently wed couples also as it helps in the better understanding of emotions.

Important Facts Related to Psilomelane Dendrite

Apart from its ornamental and decorative use, the Psilomelane Dendrite is also used for developing and enhancing the capabilities of learning the strength of magic. Anyone who faces problem in conversing with the people around may definitely benefit from this jewel boulder as it is believed to pacify such problems. This stone is also believed to help and support a smooth communication with spirits. It is also a good tool to evaluate and know the strength of inner-self.  

Important Sources for Psilomelane Dendrite

Important sources for Psilomelane Dendrite include Mexico and U.K. It is also found in Germany.

Appealing Psilomelane Dendrite Jewelry Styles

Psilomelane Dendrite can be worked into attractive jewelry pieces including pendant, rings, necklaces etc. This jewelry looks beautiful, graceful and unique.  The refractive index and diaphaneity of Psilomelane Dendrite is opaque. It measures 5 to 6 in hardness on Moh's scale. The luster of this jewel boulder is submetallic to dull in appearance.

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