Amber Jewelry Collection


Amber is a gemstone that is fossil formed from the tree resins. The structure of the gemstone is amorphous and not crystalline. Amber is exceptionally light and also floats in the water. Due to this property, the gemstone does not have its limitations.

The classical name of the ‘Amber’ refers to the term electron which implies the beaming sun. Otherwise Amber occurs in different colors, that ranges from a whitish color through a pale lemon yellow, to brown and almost black.

Amber and  its Use

From the ancient times, the use of the gemstone ‘Amber’ is seen in the manufacturing of jewelry and ornaments.

The gemstone ‘Amber’ is believed to carry ‘sunny’ energy, likely due to its natural golden color. Due to the solar energy, it is used to drive all the negative energies away. The wearer of the Amber gemstone gets positive and remain cheerful. It is able to draw sickness away from the body and to make you strong emotionally.

The History of Choicest and Valuable Amber

The gemstone is formed from the fossilization of the resins from trees, especially from the Pinus Succinifera tree. Obviously, as it is formed from the sticky and soft resins of the tree, it is again a type of Organic Gemstone.

The word ‘Amber’ was derived from the word ‘ambar’. The transformation of the resin to copal is how the process of ‘Amber’ formation begins.

Amber, the origin and the source

At Gemexi we claim to have the most original and the best of the gemstones from the most authentic sources. The leading source for Amber gems is Kaliningrad, Russia. The gemstone is generally found in the clay, that too, 30 meters down from the surface.

Another source for Amber that can be noted is in the Baltic region. These Baltic Amber are more often golden in color. Amongst these, the Amber from the Dominican Republic is rare blue colored. We source the gemstone from Italy, Romania, China, Japan, Myanmar, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Excellent Work and Craftsmanship by Gemexi

The incomparable efforts and the skills of the craftsman at the Gemexi has helped us to create a large client base. The precious and the timeless jewelry at Gemexi will definitely keep you motivated. All the craftsmen are extremely proficient and very well know how to please the customers. They make the jewels with almost zero defects. It would not be a hype to say that customer appreciation has brought us a long way in the jewelry business. Each item at Gemexi induces deeper magnetism and surely motivates you to buy it.

Our designs display our deep-rooted knowledge, from long times to come, of how a gemstone may be crafted.

Jewels of Amber, the time-honored jewelry

Each jewel made with Amber, in golden brown color looks stunning. The classic collection of the Amber Jewelry includes stunning earrings, bracelets, and rings. The oval-shaped and Amber studded rings can be picked for your collection.

Personalized Jewelry at Gemexi

Jewels form great love and attraction for many. Fondly loved by many people, it becomes a status symbol for many to own different jewels that are stylized as well.

For those who wish to buy and carry for a fashion statement, gemstone-like Amber has its own relevance and importance. With its deep healing effects, the gemstone is preferred by many people. Keep yourself cheerful after wearing the jewelry made in Amber. Our skilled and trained professionals help and suggest you the best and the popular designs. Order your fabulous designs and give us a chance to return you the sparkling jewels.

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