Ruby Zoisite Jewelry


Ruby Zoisite is the natural and a beautiful combination of both ruby and Zoisite crystals in a single stone. The Ruby-Zoisite gemstone helps to deal with the issues of mood swings and mental stability.

Rubies are symbols of fire and Zoisite is an earthy element. It is important for balancing two different energies. The gemstone supports and improves the psychic ability and spirituality.

Ruby Zoisite, how to identify?

Ruby Zoisite is a very unique colored gemstone that is composed on Zoisite that is green in color and has blends of black hornblende and red ruby. The stone is available in a blend of three different colors that go from Green to black and too pink to red.

It is a very popular ornamental stone that has very attractive colors.

Ruby-Zoisite Jewelry in History or Fashion

Ruby –Zoisite was initially discovered in the Longido mining district in northeast Tanzania by well know Tom Belvins. He initially found the immense Ruby deposits in 1949 which turned out to be a green Zoisite matrix with large comprisal of opaque Ruby.

Due to Zoisite, the stone has a green color and Ruby gives it the pink shade. The gemstone is available in plenty and hence, makes it fairly affordable.

Exploring Ruby-Zoisite Jewelry at Gemexi

Gemexi brings for you the untimely collections of jewelry made of the precious gemstone, Ruby-Zoisite. A wide variety of Ruby Zoisite earrings, Ruby zoisite rings is available at Gemexi. For further embellishments of your clothing and adornment of your beauty, Ruby-Zoisite jewelry is available at Gemexi. The designs of the Ruby-Zoisite jewelry are unique and distinct making each piece different from the other.

Excellent Craftsmanship by Gemexi

The skilled craftsman at Gemexi has allowed us to nurture and cultivate deeper relationships. The piece and the artwork are so much alluring that it motivates one and all to pick a piece either to own or to gift. Our designs display our deep-rooted knowledge of how a gemstone may be crafted. Our Each and every piece of work speak for itself and our experience in Jewelry making.

Styles of Ruby-Zoisite Jewelry

The craftsman at Gemexi knows and understands the tastes of people. They understand the moods and the occasions when the jewelry can be worn. Our designs and varied collection of Ruby-Zoisite jewelry is never out of fashion.

The gemstone is preferred by the wearers that need to work on the improvement of their fertility and enhances mental strength.

Ruby-Zoisite Source

With attractive colors and the blend of green, hornblende and Ruby pink. The Longido mining district in Tanzania was and will be the sole source for the world's supply of Ruby-Zoisite

Personalized Ruby-Zoisite Jewelry

The very own styles of wearing your personalized jewelry fascinate a lot many people. At Gemexi, you can easily choose the different styles and designs of Ruby -Zoisite jewelry. With the extended customer support, we help our clients to make ultimate selections for themselves. We also transform your ideas of Ruby-Zoisite jewelry to the stylish piece of work. The time taken is not much with a lot to offer you in terms of quality, designs and Ruby-Zoisite with authentic origin. The gemstone is affordable.

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