Emerald Jewelry Collection

Why is Emerald Jewelry Loved So Much?

Emeralds are birthstones for the month of May. The beguiling beauty of Emerald jewelry has always fascinated everyone. The fresh green color of this mesmerizing gemstone is often regarded as the color of life. This green color is also believed to represent springtime that keeps on knocking our life with happiness again and again! The amazingly beautiful Emerald jewelry represents constant love and beauty too. Emerald jewelry looks awesome and fresh and also, can be carried gracefully on many occasions.

Emerald Jewelry in History

The Emerald jewelry has been coveted for its beautiful appeal since ages. This gemstone finds great importance in history too. The green color was symbolized as the color of Goddess Venus. Even presently, this color is valued a lot in many cultures across the globe. This enchanting gemstone was honored as a sacred gemstone by the Incas and Aztecs of South America. The oldest specimens of Emerald were discovered near the Red Sea in Egypt. The gemstone mines found there were the same that were later addressed as the ‘Cleopatra’s Mines’. By the time, these mines were rediscovered they were already drained out.

The intriguing gemstones, Emeralds have become a favorite choice of many across the world. Today, this gemstone has been worked into mesmerizing jewelry items that enhance anyone’s beauty and charm. The Emeralds are set into innovative designs in form of jewelry that looks vibrant and dazzling. It is a fact that the high-quality Emerald gemstones are even more precious than diamonds. Today, the trendy and attractive patterns available in Emerald jewelry have made it a popular choice everywhere.

Emerald Source

Emeralds hail from many countries across the world including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Austria, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, China, Germany and many more. Colombia is the largest and Zambia is the second largest producer of Emeralds in the world.

At Gemexi, we believe in building a strong relationship with our customers. Hence, we always take care of the most important factor – Trust! We always source our gemstones from the most authentic places so that our customers’ trust in us is always retained. 

Emerald Green Jewelry Styles

Be it ethnic jewelry designs, the classics or the trendsetters, we at Gemexi make sure that everybody gets something as per his or her own taste. Hence, we have got a wide variety of Emerald jewelry styles that exude beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship.  

Emerald Gemstone Jewelry Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi, innovative design ideas are amalgamated with skills and expertise so that every gemstone takes shape into a unique jewelry piece. The distinctive Emerald jewelry showcased here clearly exhibits the proficiency of our connoisseurs. 

Personalize Emerald Silver Jewelry

We are glad to have a large customer support service that is always ready to serve our customers. Our customer support helps one find out specific jewelry or design easily and quickly. Further, the bespoke service or personalized jewelry service at Gemexi provides wings to your imagination! If you have got a particular jewelry idea or design in your mind, we would love to hear from you and would turn it into a real jewel piece, so that you get exactly what you had dreamt off!

Check Out the Wholesale Emerald Gemstone Jewelry Collection At Gemexi

If you love the intense green color, you would definitely fall in love with the stunning Emerald jewelry collection available at Gemexi. Explore these beautiful gemstones in form of impressive emerald pendants, emerald necklaces, emerald rings and more. Moreover, you get to explore a variety of alluring designs that are tempting and modish.

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