Poppy Jasper Silver Jewelry Collection

Jaspers are very commonly used in gemstone jewelry making. They are easily available and can be worn as pendants, earrings, rings and bangles. The popularity of Jasper is also due to the fact that they are found in many colors. While red jasper is the most common and popular variety, there are other colored Jaspers which are as beautiful and enthralling. Poppy Jasper is one of them. It is a yellow banded stone with red concentric rings inside. Though Poppy Jasper is not known to many, it is considered a healing stone with many benefits. You can feel the difference in your life in numerous ways after you start wearing this stone. Poppy Jasper jewelry is not easily available but we at Gemexi take pride in the fact that we have sourced the most authentic pieces of this rare gemstone and used them in beautiful gemstones.  

Where Is Poppy Jasper Mined From        
Jasper is a common gemstone mined from many parts of the world. Many varieties of Jasper are mined from India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Madagascar, Egypt, Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Venezuela and the United States.  

Metaphysical Properties of Poppy Jasper             
If you are looking for a rare stone that not only catches everyone’s attention because of its beauty but also is full of metaphysical properties, you should definitely try wearing Poppy Jasper women’s jewelry. After wearing this stone many physical ailments can be healed. The stone helps the sexual organs to function properly. If you are suffering from any prolonged illness, the stone helps to repair and rejuvenate the body. It also works on improving the condition of the circulatory and digestive systems. When you buy Poppy Jasper you must also remember that it works as an emotional strengthener. You become self-confident and learn how to think and then act. The stone is particularly helpful for those who are stuck in a stressful situation. The stone shows them a positive path. Poppy Jasper opens the path of spirituality for one. You can partake in astral travels and the stone also helps in dream recall.  

Sterling Silver and Poppy Jasper              
The rusticity of Poppy Jasper goes very well with sterling silver – a metal that shines, that sparkles and that quite frankly looks amazing on every women. Sterling silver is the best quality silver made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy (usually made of copper. Sterling silver is recommended for use in jewelry because it is strong unlike pure silver which is soft and cannot be used for jewelry making.   

Explore The Wide Range At Gemexi        
Gemexi is your one-stop online platform where you can find all types of gemstone jewelry. We have a large collection of gemstones sold as jewelry items and also as loose gemstones. From the most common precious gemstones to semi-precious and rare stones you can find almost anything here. We are constantly updating our stocks and adding newer stones. Explore our store and you will find something that will not only catch your attention but also suits your aura. If you want to buy Poppy Jasper online, you will find the best deals only at Gemexi. Not only can you find great designs but you can also read about the various gemstone and how they help you heal physically, mentally and spiritually. Every information is available on our website and we are constantly updating. 

Promise of Quality         
Apart from the fact that every gemstone is authentically sourced from the right places, we also give our customers the promise of quality. Every gemstone jewelry seen on our store is hand-crafted by craftsmen who have been in the business of jewelry making for generations. Almost all the artisans we work with are based out from Jaipur, the city known for its silver jewelry market. 

Talk To Us          
We have a 24x7 chat center on our website. You can talk to us anytime you want about anything related to gemstones and jewelry. We will try to answer your queries without hesitation. Our customer service are also constantly working to improve your shopping experience with us. If you have placed an order and want to ask something regarding the order, you can talk to us without any hesitation.

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