Septarian Nodules Jewelry

Why is Septarian Nodules Jewelry Loved So Much?

Septarian Nodules jewelry looks very unique with its beautiful patterns and colors like gray, brown, yellow, and white. Septarian Nodule is an amazing amalgamation of strong healing qualities and mineral characteristics. It is also known by the names Concretion, Dragon Stone, and Septoria. The name ‘Septarian’ comes from the Latin term ‘Septem’ which means ‘seven’. In fact, during the formation of Septarian Nodules, the mud balls split with seven points in all directions and resulted in the beautiful design of this Dragon Stone. The yellow part of Septarian Nodule is made of Calcite, the brown linear pattern is made of Aragonite and the gray part is made of limestone.

Important Facts Related to Septarian Nodules

For those who wish to expand their power of patience can benefit from this stone. Also, it is a wonderful option for the self healing procedure of the mind. Septarian Nodule is also believed to be helpful in getting rid of anger, tension and depression. The problem of bad dreams can also be well addressed with the help of this stone. By wearing Septarian Nodules one can accentuate his physical power and energy levels also. This stone also arises the lively energies and thus makes it easier for the carrier to enjoy life. The Septarian Nodule is also believed to provide lucidity and vivacity. Thereby, the stone is often used for improving relationships.

Important Sources for Septarian Nodule

The significant sources for Septarian Nodule gemstone include India, Iceland, Russia, the USA, and Brazil.

Stunning Septarian Nodules Jewelry Styles

Be it pendants or necklaces or some other jewelry form, this stone looks remarkably alluring. The yellow-brown patterns in this stone look very artistic. Its diaphaneity is opaque and it measures 3.5-4.0 in hardness on Moh’s scale. The Septarian Nodules exhibit a vitreous and pearly luster.

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