Sugilite Jewelry

The Incredible Beauty of Sugilite Jewelry

Fill with beauty, charm, attraction and an adorable deep purple color, the sugilite jewelry definitely lets you look glamorous and royal. The rich captivating purple color of this wonderful gemstone adds an x-factor to anyone who wears the sugilite jewelry. Sugilite is revered as one of the most important love stones. It is full of immense healing properties. Comparatively a new gemstone, sugilite is also known as the love stone for present age. It embeds violet ray energy and attracts intelligence and spiritual dedication to its wearer.

Important facts Related to Sugilite Jewelry

By wearing the sugilite gemstone, one becomes more capable of recognizing the austerity of this world. It is an amazing gemstone for those who want to say goodbye to depression, sadness, fear and annoyance. Use sugilite jewelry in the tough days of life and it will help you attain hope and light. It is said and believed that sugilite instills hope and positivity in its wearer and let him understand that life is much more beautiful than its present stage. By wear sugilite jewelry, once can produce a shield of light around him to stay protected against negative vibes and pessimism.

Important Sources for Sugilite

The noteworthy locations for sugilite include Japan, Liguria and Tuscany in Italy, India, South Africa, Canada and Australia

Gorgeous & Glamorous Sugilite Jewelry Styles

Sugilite measures 6 to 6.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale and looks transparent to translucent in diaphaneity. The sugilite earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets all look very rich and beautiful and help enhance the wearer’s beauty.

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