Purpurite Stichtite Jewelry Collection

Purpurite Stichtite is a purple colored, luminous stone naturally found in some parts of the world. It is significantly found in Tasmania, Australia, and also in Namibia, France, and the US. Being rich in manganese iron phosphate, Purpurite is mostly found in the presence of Triphylite. This also causes heavy oxidation. Purpurite is also found independently in crystallized mass form. Discovered between 1905 and 1910, it is a rare stone which isn’t often used for jewelry making. 

If you are looking for a unique Purpurite Stichtite jewelry collection, you have to be careful that it is handmade by a brilliant craftsperson who understands the fragility involved in making jewelry out of this ‘soft’ stone. Gemstone and jewelry experts suggest that if you want Purpurite Stichtite as jewelry, it must be something that isn’t abrasive. That’s why Purpurite Stichtite earrings and pendants are most commonly handmade. You won’t find too many bracelets or rings made out of this stone. 

Purpurite was named afterW.T Schaller and L.C Graton and Stichtite is named after the manager of a copper mine in the Tasmania region of Australia called Robert Carl Sticht. 

Purpurite Stitchite – A Mystical Creation of Nature    

Nature has a way of surprising us in the most mysterious ways possible. When it comes to gems and minerals, there are so many various types found in nature that it can take a lifetime to understand and explore. While we all know about many precious gemstones, stones like Purpurite Stichtite are known to very few. That’s because it is a rare and semi-precious stone which must be delicately mined to retain their purity and clarity. 
Purpurite Stichtite is known not only for its attractive purple color but also because of its metaphysical properties. It is a stone of ascension which allows the mind and heart to heal and love. 

Metaphysical Properties of Purpurite Stichtite     

It is a stone of rescue, forgiveness, and recovery. From treating physical ailments to helping deal with emotional turmoil, this stone can be helpful in many ways. For those who are seeking a life in humanity and philanthropy can benefit largely from this stone as it helps to connect to the higher being and bring emotional stability. The stone encourages a person to be more receptive to their environment. The stone also helps to connect to the Crown and Third Eye Chakra helping heal the chakras and align them with your being. 

Buy Purpurite Stichtite Jewelry Online    

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