Fluorite Jewelry Collection

Why Gem Collectors Love Fluorite Gemstone

Undoubtedly, Fluorite is a gorgeous looking gemstone. It can be found in a wide array of colors including white, blue, black, orange, red, brown, purple, green, yellow and also in the multicolored form. However, the most coveted hue for this wonderful gemstone is purple. The multicolored variety of Fluorite shows two or more than two hues in the same specimen. Fluorite embeds quite low hardness and perfect cleavage; therefore, it is not used as a central gemstone in jewelry but is particularly cut for gem collectors. But even after being a softer gemstone, it is quite suitable in jewelry forms like pendants, rings etc.

Historical Facts for Fluorite

The word Fluorite comes from the Latin noun “fluo” which means the flow of water. Fluorite is also popularly known as “the most colorful mineral in the world”. It was first mentioned in 1530 and was originally referred to as fluorspar. Fluorite is also called the Genius Stone as it is believed to enhance concentration. 

Important Sources for Fluorite  

The deposits of Fluorite can be found all over the world. However, the important sources for the same include places like US, Canada, Russia, China, Switzerland, England, South Africa, France, Morocco, Spain, India, Mexico, and Namibia.  

Popular Jewelry Styles of Fluorite

Fluorite finds use in protected jewelry including beautiful pendants, earrings, brooches etc. The banded and multicolored beads of Fluorite look great in form of bracelets. The Blue John variety of Fluorite is quite famous and hails from England. It displays beautiful banded purple and white shades. 

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