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Doublet Opal Australian Jewelry

About Doublet Opal

If you are wondering that doublet opal is a natural gemstone, just stop and think again. Well, doublet opal is a man-made piece which definitely contains the parts of real natural opal. Doublet opals are a wonderful option for those who do not want to buy opal. While opals are quite expensive to afford the doublet opals come at a much affordable price. The doublet opal or opal doublets originally were created in Lightning Ridge, Australia. Yes! You read it right. The doublet opals are created! If you have been thinking what exactly a doublet opal is, just read below!

A thin layer of opal is cemented into a backing which is generally ironstone or black opal. The two layers are combined with glue. Joining two layers of opal together form a doublet opal while combining three of them make them into a triplet opal. However, to recognize a doublet opal or triplet opal, you simply need to see at its side. The side of these doublets and triplets contain a joint. Looking exactly like a real opal, the doublet opals make for a wonderful jewelry option. Full of kaleidoscopic colors and opalescence, the doublet opal jewelry contains almost the same charm and appeal as to that of real natural opal jewels.

Doublet Opal Healing Properties

As we mentioned earlier that doublet opals contain pieces of natural opal; thus, these doublets also contain the natural healing properties of opal. The opals are considered to enhance a sense of security. They are also a wonderful option to stay protected from tension and depression. Using opals can help you in getting happy dreams. The opals are especially good for children who often see nightmares and stay disturbed by them. The opals provide rest to your anxious mind and help you stay calm.

Opals also contain amazing healing physical properties. They are good to combat problems related to nails, skin, eyes, and hair. Especially, opals provide a good healing effect in various eye related ailments. These beautiful looking stones also help create the right water balance in the body.

For those who want to get rid of any kind of infections can also take the help of opals because these glittering gemstones have the amazing power of fighting infections of various types! Use these spectacular majestic gemstones to purify the kidneys and blood. Moreover, this gemstone is believed to enhance memory and improve female hormones. Opal is a great emotional healer too. The stone helps in getting visions of your past life.

Doublet Opal Jewelry at Gemexi

Handmade Doublet opal Australian Jewelry is coveted all over the world for its wonderful play of colors and reasonable price. When light falls upon a doublet opal jewelry, it gets diffracted and forms a beautiful opalescence. This phenomenal play of colors adds great beauty to jewels made of opal. The doublet opals are mostly used to create matching jewelry. As it is very difficult to find matching opal pieces naturally, the doublet opals are formed into beautiful matching earrings or pendants to complete any jewelry set.

Wholesale Doublet opal Australian jewelry is available in astonishing designs and lovely patterns. Moreover, you can buy doublet opal silver jewelry easily and reliably with reputed jewelry stores like Gemexi. Set in 925 silver, the excellent craftsmanship and intricate patterns in doublet opal jewelry will simply leave you mesmerized! Gemexi wholesale silver jewelry contains an extensive range of doublet opal bracelets and other jewelry which has been created with love, care, and passion. The simple and highly elegant jewelry at this store has got something for everyone. Enchanting jewelry designs in Gemexi wholesale silver jewelry mark beauty, simplicity and of course, authenticity.

Check out this wonderful jewelry shopping destination today and add a marvelous doublet opal jewel to your jewelry box!

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