Fordite Jewelry

Just one glance of this beautiful gemstone is enough to make you fall in love with them. The colorful gemstone that we are talking about is Fordite and at first look it resembles agate. But on closer inspection, a gemstone connoisseur will tell you that what you are holding isn’t agate but a manmade gemstone! The origin of Fordite is as interesting as its colorful patterns. Fordite jewelry used to be very popular during the early 1900s, though it is seeming a resurgence of sorts recently. Fordite is also known as Detroit Agate. 

What It Means and Where To Find It

As we mentioned Fordite is a man-made gemstone. It was actually accidentally created in automotive factories when automobiles used to be hand-painted. Workers would invariably drop the enamel on tracks and skids. Over time multiple colors and patterns would form on these tracks. Workers realized that when these layers of paint hardened over time and were further heated multiple times inside an oven, they became so heavy and thick that they acquired gemstone-like quality. Continuous heat on automobile paint also improved their shine further making them perfect for jewelry making. During the late 1800s and early 1900s when automobiles were hand-painted, Fordite women’s jewelry became very popular. 

Unfortunately since today this technique of hand-painting automobiles is no longer used as automated techniques have replaced them, Fordite is no longer created using this technique. However, jewelers are being able to replicate the procedure (without involving car making) to recreate Fordite and hence they are making a comeback to jewelry markets. If you want to buy Fordite jewelry, you can still do so at our store!

Properties of Fordite

Like all other man-made gemstones, it is believed that Fordite also has metaphysical properties. One of the prominent features of Fordite is its flexibility. While wearing Fordite you will feel flexibility in your life. You can easily adapt to changes, just like the automobile enamel could change itself to become a gemstone. The gemstone also teaches a person to explore the unexplored side of him. You can realize a hidden talent or simply live life more happily. Fordite is also known to improve one’s patience. 

Exciting Colors and Alluring Designs

One of the key features of Fordite is its colors. They are very colorful and often have kaleidoscopic patterns. It is quite easy to feel distinguished when you are wearing Fordite. If you are looking for Fordite jewelry online, Gemexi is the right place for you as you will find lots of designs and exciting colors only here. We have quite an impressionable collection of Fordite pendants and rings that you cannot miss. 

Quality Assurance

While you are browsing our unique Fordite jewelry collection, you may worry about the quality, especially if you are shopping with us for the first time. You need not to worry about the quality of products displayed on our website as we pass each of our silver gemstone jewelry items through a rigorous and stringent quality test. This assures that every product hand-crafted by our craftsmen boast of exemplary craftsmanship. 

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