Petalite Jewelry Collection

Petalite is a beautiful pink colored gemstone that is also considered to be one of the major sources of lithium. It is not only a rare gemstone that is very sparingly used in jewelry making but gemologists and mineralogists believe that the Petalite is becoming so rare that in the near future there won’t be any more sources of this mineral. Apart from the fact that Petalite jewelry looks very good, it also comes to use in many other ways. As a primary source of lithium, it is used in many industries, especially in the ceramic-glass cookware making industry. 

Where is PetaliteMined From

As a primary source of lithium, Petalite is found in gemstones such as tourmaline and kunzite. Tough the mineral is found in several parts of the world it is believed that they will not remain in abundance for long. Petalite is found in USA, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Namibia, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Russia. It must be noted that in different parts of the world, different varieties of the mineral can be found. 

What Does PetaliteMean

Petalitewomen’s jewelry has an ethereal feel to it and its elegance cannot be ignored. It is believed that the gemstone gets its name of a Greek word which means leaf or rather the cleavage of a stone that looks like a leaf. 

Metaphysical Properties of Petalite

Petalite is not simply a breath-taking gemstone that can be used to make exquisite jewelry pieces of which you will find unique petalite jewelry collection at Gemexi, but it is also considered to be a powerful stone. One of the most common beliefs associated with Petalite is that it helps drive away evil spirits from one’s vicinity. You can keep the stone close to you if you think that unknown, unseen forces are making your life difficult. The stone should also ideally be carried by avid travel junkies who like doing extreme adventure. It is also believed that Petalitehelps one connects to Divinity and is considered a great initiator to the spiritual world. 

Designs That Enthrall and Excite ​

You can buy Petalite jewelry that is exquisite and exclusive only at Gemexi. We had quite an enigmatic collection of Petalite jewelry that cannot be easily found elsewhere. From using single Petalite stone to using multiple of them, we have a wide range for you to select from. If you have been searching Petalite jewelry online and haven’t found anything admirable, you have finally landed in the right place as we have only designs that satisfy the best of customers and jewelry lovers. 

Hand-crafted with Care

Every ring and pendant that you see on our store has been painstakingly hand-made by craftsmen who have been in the jewelry-making business for generations. All our artisans and craftsmen are based out of Jaipur, India which is known for its exceptional silver jewelry craftsmanship. Whenever you buy from our store you can be assured that you are laying your hands at the best jewelry items. 

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