Pinolith Jewelry

The Captivating ‘Herb of Gemstones’ - Pinolith

Use the captivating Pinolith to stimulate your intellect and ideas! This attractive stone is also known as a herb of gemstones because of its immense healing properties. The stone displays a wonderful combination of gray and black colors and patterns that remind you about the white pine kernels. Chemically, this stone consists of magnesite, domolite and graphite. Its unique appearance makes it a desirable gemstone for jewelry purposes. The pinolith stone is believed to be beneficial for heart as it helps in breaking the bad cholesterol and also provides positive results for problems related to blood coagulate.    

Significant Facts Related to Pinolith

The positive vibes radiated by this black and gray stone provides a relaxing feeling to the mind and soul and thus, helps its wearer with meditation. People who do not know how to react with agitated conditions in life can benefit from this stone as it helps its wearer for handling such conditions. The pinolith gemstone is also believed to be helpful in maintaining healthy bones and teeth. The muscular pains can be eased with the help of this stone. Also, the pinolith is believed to instill an optimistic attitude in its wearer so that he moves forward in life with hope and positivity.    

Where to Find Pinolith?

Pinolith comes from the mines of Austria.

Unique Pinolith Jewelry Style

The Pinolith jewelry exhibits eye captivating patterns and looks quite trendy. Pinolith measures 3.5 to 4.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Its diaphaneity is opaque.

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