Morganite Jewelry Collection

Reasons for Love & Popularity of Morganite Stone Jewelry 

The morganite stone was discovered in California. The stone is named after its collector, the famous American industrialist, Mr. J.P Morgan. The other popular names for Morganite are cesian beryl, pink beryl and rose beryl. Morganite is loved and coveted as one of the most beautiful gemstones belonging to the colorful group of the beryls. The Morganite jewelry is quite famous among women all across the globe because this jewelry exudes attraction and elegance in form of its beautiful pink tones. Morganite is found in delicate pastel or pale hues like light pink, violet-pink, lilac tones or peach. And needless to say, pink is always there in the list of favorite colors of all women!

Important Facts Related to Morganite

Morganite is an amazing option for those people who want to create an ambiance of domination around them. The stone is also believed to fortify the heart. The stone is believed to provide positive effects in troubles related to heart like palpitation. It also helps in providing relaxation to its wearer by extracting out the tension. Morganite helps in attaining enthusiasm, illumination, and warmth too. It is also a great stone to overcome anxiety, bitterness, and anger.  

Important Sources for Morganite

The noteworthy locations for Morganite include Brazil, Madagascar, Italy, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe,U.S., and Pakistan.  

Stunning Morganite Jewelry Styles

The diaphaneity of Morganite is transparent to translucent and it measures 7.5 to 8 in hardness on Moh’s scale. While determining the quality of this amazing gemstone, the color is the most significant factor.

Outstanding Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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Gemexi provides a quick and efficient jewelry customization service to its customers. You just need to contact our customer care team in order to get your jewelry customized as per your expectation. Glance Through the Amazingly Lovely Morganite Jewelry Collection at Gemexi. Are you looking for unique and elegant Morganite jewelry? If yes, you have landed at the right place as Gemexi has got a wide range of Morganite jewelry collections in the form of pendants, rings, earrings, etc. Each of our Morganite jewels is a beauty in itself. The classic and creative patterns of our Morganite jewelry look unique and influential. 

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