Shattuckite Jewelry

Shattuckite – A Brief Introduction

The enchanting blue colored Shattuckite is actually a copper silicate hydroxide mineral. The mineral gets crystallized in the orthorhombic dipyramidal system. Shattuckite is comparatively an infrequent copper mineral which is loved for its beautiful blue hue. Sometimes, the Shattuckite crystals also get created inside the Quartz. In such specimens, the blue druses can also be observed. In some cases where Shattuckite is connected with Malachite, the beautiful green-blue shade is invited after polishing procedure.  

Shattuckite – Few Significant Historical Facts

The name ‘Shattuckite’ has been given after the Shattuck Mine. This is the same mine located at Bisbee (Arizona) where the beautiful Shattuckite mineral was being found for the very first time in the year 1915. Since its discovery, the Shattuckite has been used in astrology, card reading, Feng Shui and also by the shamans. 

Where is Shattuckite Found?

After its discovery at Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona, the blue mineral has been discovered at several other places too including Norway, Argentina, Britain, Namibia, and Congo. 

The Beautiful & Popular Styles of Shattuckite Jewelry

The beautiful silky luster and the enchanting blue color have created wonderful opportunities for Shattuckite to be used in jewelry. Though it can be found in form of earrings and rings also, the most popular jewelry forms for Shattuckite include the pendants and bracelets. Wearing the Shattuckite jewelry has its own significance. You get to enjoy many lovely healing properties of Shattuckite. Shattuckite helps you enhance your intuition and psychic powers and lets you communicate with the spirits’ world in a better way.

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