Cameo Jewelry Collection

Love for cameo jewelry

Cameo is the method of carving the object like an engraved gem, items of jewelry or vessels that are made in this way. It almost features the raised positive image, contrast with intaglio which has got a negative image.

Every cameo is the miniature work of an artist who carves the cameo into wearable jewels. Whether the design is carved in Sardonyx shell or Pearl makes cameo exclusive classic which attracts a lot of attention of jewelry lovers belonging to different generations. Also, cameo makes the most beautiful gift to be given to a loved one.

Cameo jewelry in history

Renaissance and ancient cameos were carved out of semi-precious gemstones, significantly the different types of agate and onyx, and any other gemstone having a flat plane where the 2 contrasting colors meet, these are the hard stone cameos. In cheap modern works, glass and shell are quite common. Glass cameo vessels like Portland Vase were also created by Romans.

During the 19th Century and year 1928, cameo jewels used to hold a lot of eminence in the history of cameos because of its unique, captivating and unique designs.

The most adorable and beautiful images of cameo cast romantic spells over the imagination of people for several thousand years. As a sentimental souvenir as well as the oeuvre of the art, a cameo is the most treasured image which is sculpted. The cameo is the small design or picture which is carved in relief.

Cameo source

Cameo was carved for the first time in France and then in England and now they are found all throughout the world.

Cameo Jewelry style

Cameo designing is done on cameo earrings, cameo pendants, cameo bracelets, etc. and it makes the piece look extremely elegant and beautiful. You will find the carving done on different pieces of cameo silver jewelry.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi we offer you beautiful and unique designs of cameo jewelry which you will not find anywhere else in the market. We are proud to tell that our designs are delicate, exclusive and absolutely original. You will be delighted to see our collection. We have a wide range of cameo pendants, cameo earrings and cameo rings to offer to our clientele.

Personalize jewelry by Gemexi

We also have the option of personalizing your cameo jewelry. You can tell us what design would you like to get carved on your piece of jewel and we would offer you exactly the same design.

Check cameo jewelry collection

You can check out our exclusive range of cameo jewelry including earrings, pendants and a lot of other pieces of jewelry. 

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