Purpurite Jewelry Collection

Why is Purpurite Jewelry Loved So Much?

Purpurite, generally purple in color, is mainly a manganese phosphate stone. The large amounts of manganese and iron present in this beautiful gemstone give it the deep purple color. Purpurite takes its name from the Latin term called purpura which means purple. The gemstone shows a beautiful matte finish and looks great in form of various jewelry forms like earrings, necklaces, pendants etc. Purpurite is respected and loved deeply as a wonderful dream stone also. Apart from the common dark purple color, this gemstone can also be seen in attractive hues like dark red, deep pink, violet and brown-black hues. The stone is highly also believed to help its wearer speak freely and confidently. It is a very supportive stone for giving words to thoughts.  

Important Facts Related to Purpurite

Purpurite is full of amazing metaphysical properties also. This stone is a wonderful option for those who want to speak confidently and clearly in front of the public. Apart from helping its wearer in public speaking, it also provides clarity in thoughts. Purpurite is full of affectionate and tranquilizing energy that helps its wearer to get rid of tension too. Purpurite also helps in taking decisions like when to opt for a new enthusiastic way in life and when to stay on the same path of life.

Important Sources for Purpurite

The chief sources for the beautiful purpurite include Namibia, Western Australia, North Carolina, France and the United States.  

Alluring Purpurite Jewelry Styles

Purpurite measures 4 to 4.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Its luster is vitreous to sub-metallic while its diaphaneity is translucent to opaque. The jewelry made of purpurite gemstone attracts anyone with its unique charm and matte look. This trendy jewelry can be teamed up with many modern and traditional attires.

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