Astrophyllite Jewelry

Why Astrophyllite Jewelry is Loved So Much

Astrophyllite jewelry looks very impressive with its wide range of colors like yellow, brown, blue, gold or bronze. The word Astrophyllite hails from two Greek terms namely ‘Astron’ which means star and ‘phyllon’ which means leaf. The gemstone gets this name because of the similar pattern in which it grows. Apart from its unique beauty factor, the Astrophyllite is also honored as a stone of self acceptance and self knowledge. The better self knowledge means a better analysis of one’s behavior and thus, when once recognized, this stone helps in getting rid of the negative habits.  

Important Facts Related to Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite provides protection against negative habits by recognizing them and removing them. It also provides a feeling of calmness to its wearer. The couples who want to improve their relationship can use this amazing stone as it helps to look into the partner’s soul. Thus, it enhances faithfulness and honesty. The stone is also helpful in moving positively in life’s journey. According to prevalent legends, this stone is also helpful for removing fat and uneasiness.

Important Sources for Astrophyllite  

The significant sources for Astrophyllite include Russia, Norway, Colorado, Canada, Greenland, Azorens Island in Portugal and few more.

Stunning Astrophyllite Jewelry Styles

Astrophyllite jewelry looks exceptionally beautiful in different shades of gold, yellow or copper-bronze. This jewelry can be found in many alluring designs. The luster of Astrophyllite can be greasy, pearly or sub metallic. 

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