Sapphire Jewelry Collection

Why is Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry so Adorable?

Sapphire is a brilliant blue colored gemstone that embeds superb luster and beauty in it. This gemstone can be available in various colors including blue, orange, brown, yellow, green, purple, gray, black, white, and also in multicolored form. The reason for this variety of colors is due to the inclusion of different elements in Sapphire. Generally, the term Sapphire refers to the blue gemstone when no color prefix is used with it. The brilliant color, hardness, robustness, and gleam are some of the attributes of Sapphire jewelry which make it so desirable.

Historical References of Sapphire Silver Jewelry

The breastplate of the High Priest of Israel contained Sapphire. It was one of the 12 precious stones in that breastplate. Sapphire is the birthstone of September month and is also considered as the traditional gift for the 45th wedding anniversary. The widespread traditions suggest that the 10 Commandments tablets were made of this gemstone. This beautiful gemstone is often linked with royal people and symbolizes quality, intelligence, piousness, and good luck. It is also worth mentioning that Princess Diana and Prince Anne both enjoyed amazingly lovely Sapphire engagement rings. The stone has been frequently used in the British crowns too as it represents intelligent rulers too.

Popular Sources for Sapphire Gemstone

World’s largest producer of Sapphire takes place at Madagascar. Popular sources of Sapphire include Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia, Australia, China, India, Kenya, Colombia, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, USA, Tanzania, Thailand & Vietnam. Sri Lankan mines give way to some popular Sapphire varieties namely ‘The Logan Sapphire’, ‘The Star of India’, & ‘The Star of Bombay’

The Fashionable Blue Sapphire Jewelry Styles

The wonderful transparency and hardness of Sapphire has made it a favorite of many across the world. The gemstone is used expansively in various jewelry styles. Earlier, the blue Sapphire jewelry was frequently used in fine jewels but presently, the pink, orange as well as yellow ones are also in wide demand. 

Craftsmanship by Gemexi – The Beauty of Our Products

We at Gemexi, never compromise with the quality of our products. Hence, we create Sapphire jewelry as well as other jewels with utmost care and love. We have got expertise in making fine pieces of Sapphire jewelry that would definitely add an x-factor to your charming appearance. 

Personalize Black Star Sapphire Jewelry By Gemexi – We Would Love to Hear from You!

At Gemexi, you get the opportunity to personalize your jewelry. Be it Black Star Sapphire jewelry or other gemstone jewels, you may convert your thoughts into reality. All you need to do is to talk to our customer service and they would help you get the jewel of your expectation. You may use a gemstone as a centerpiece in rings or pendants or can simply get it set as a secondary stone. 

Glance Through the Sapphire Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

The unique designs and high-quality gemstones are the cornerstones of our business. We request you to glance through our Sapphire jewelry collection that includes rings, pendants etc.

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