Bauxite Jewelry Collection

Bauxite is not in the strictest of terms a mineral but rather it is a group of aluminum oxides. Bauxite is the world’s main source of aluminum. Bauxite jewelry isn’t very common and you will not easily find women adorning them. But that doesn’t mean they cannot be used to make beautiful jewelry items – they can be. Since Bauxite is more popularly known to be the main source of aluminum, it just isn’t used much for jewelry making. But if you are a digger for unconventional gemstone jewelry then you have landed in the right place as we have some fascinating Bauxite women’s jewelry in the form of rings and pendants.  

Where is Bauxite Mined From

Bauxite is mainly found in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Australia has the largest deposits of Bauxite while Africa, West Indies, South America and also Europe have large and small deposits of Bauxite. Australia alone produces more than 20 percent of bauxite. 

What Does The Term Mean

Bauxite gets its name after a French village, Les Baux, where it was first distinguished as an aluminum ore. 

Metaphysical Properties of Bauxite

Before you check out our unique bauxite jewelry collection let us tell you about some of its metaphysical properties. Though Bauxite isn’t a crystal and thus cannot be essentially categorized as a gemstone, it still has several healing powers. Bauxite is known to improve one’s emotional powers. Upon using it you will realize that your emotional side has strengthened and you are better able to handle emotional situations – both good and bad. Bauxite also helps better one’s meditative powers. You can simply keep it close to you and concentrate better. Bauxite is also known to help recognize your real motive of life. By keeping the stone close, you can get a better perspective on where your life is heading and whether it is the right path for you. Bauxite changes your thoughts for the better and helps find answers to question you were seeking. 

Rings and Pendants Only For You

If you have been looking for Bauxite jewelry online, you can stop your search right here. We have a wide range of Bauxite rings and pendants made of this beautiful brown and purplish colored stone. All of the pendants and rings you see on the site are made of sterling silver. You will find numerous intricate designs that are especially hand-crafted. 

Example of Excellent Craftsmanship

We at Gemexi believe that jewelry should be made with care and that’s why all our items are hand made using only sterling silver and the best of gemstones. When you buy Bauxite jewelry you should feel that you are getting real value for your money. While shopping with Gemexi you will feel exactly that. However, if you are not satisfied or have any queries you can get in touch with our customer care executives who will help you in every possible way. 

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