Wild Horse Magnesite Jewelry

Why All of Us Love Wild Horse Magnesite

Wild horse magnesite is a beautiful gemstone which consists of two minerals – magnesite and hematite. The geological term for this gemstone is magnesite. The gemstone displays beautiful shades of light brown, chocolate brown in white columns. Some specimen even show red, black and yellow inclusions. The stone is found in Southern Arizona and is connected with Root and Crown Chakras.

Historical Facts Related to Wild Horse Magnesite

The wild horse magnesite is a magnificent gemstone which was recently discovered in the 90s. The stone is believed to induce peace during meditation. It is also used and believed for a vivid imagination and vibrant ideas.

Sources for Magnesite

A far as the sources for Magnesite are concerned, they include places like Africa, China, Korea, Brazil, Europe, and the US. However, the Wild Horse Magnesite is specifically sourced from the Globe Copper Mine in Arizona.  

The Fabulous & Fantastic Wild Horse Magnesite Jewelry Styles

The wild horse magnesite can be perfectly carved into cabochons which find importance in jewelry making. This gemstone contains the Mohs hardness of 4. The stone can also be cut into beautiful beads that are used in various jewelry items. The different types of wild horse cabochons can be used in beautiful patterns of rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and other ornamental accessories.

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Glance Through the Awesome Wild Horse Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

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