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Rhodochrosite Jewelry

Why Rhodochrosite Jewelry is Loved all Around?

Rhodochrosite looks different from other gemstones and displays a very pretty raspberry red color with pink color stripes. It is actually a manganese carbonate mineral. When this gemstone is available in its most pure variety, it exhibits a very captivating rose red color. On the other hand, the Rhodochrosite specimens those are comparatively not-so-pure exhibit shades of pink hues and pale brown hues too.

Historical References for Rhodochrosite Jewelry

The name of this gemstone Rhodochrosite has been derived from "rhodokhros”. This is a Greek word and its meaning is “rose-colored”. Rhodochrosite is also known as the “Inca rose stone”. In the belief of the Incas people, it was said that this gemstone was the blood of earlier Incas rulers and it was transformed into stone.  


The beautiful red and pink Rhodochrosite is the national gemstone of Argentina. It is also honored as the state mineral of Colorado. The reason for both these facts is that important rhodochrosite deposits were discovered in Argentina and Colorado. The stone is associated with the improvement of self-confidence. It is also believed that rhodochrosite raises the capability of tackling various problems of life in a better way. 

Various Rampant Rhodochrosite Jewelry Styles

This gemstone comes in both combined and crystal variety. The raspberry red color Rhodochrosite crystal is considered quite rare and comes with a hefty price tag. The interesting color and striped pattern of this gemstone make it a suitable stone to be used in jewelry. Wholesale Rhodochrosite jewelry can be found in the form of interesting rings, earrings, and pendants also. As this is considered as a soft stone, the daily wear jewelry is combined with strong settings like bezel, etc. The round beads and also the stacked-chips are quite popular in jewelry use of Rhodochrosite gemstone.    

Unique Craftsmanship

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“Personalize Rhodochrosite Silver Jewelry”

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